China Dragon

China Dragon

Two agile Hong Kong martial arts kids join up with a pair of bungling Chinese-immigrant beach bums on the sunny shores of Hawaii, where they divide their time between sophomoric kung-fu kid hijinks and their designated mission--tracking down a missing book whose secrets have fallen into the hands of a power-hungry villain.

At Shaolin Temple in Hunan, the best at Kung-Fu are Yin, a willowy young woman who has mastered supernatural powers, and Loon, a small boy who's a Dervish at martial arts. They go to Hawaii... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant K (br) wrote: It's too violent for kids and doesn't quite know what tone to choose but it's too ambitious and too well shot to dismiss. An ambitious misfire that's still worth a watch.

Russell S (ca) wrote: A movie that never quite crosses the line into spoof territory but would perhaps have been more fun if it had. The plot isn't particularly engaging and the characters are largely forgetable . The movie does have it's moments however and is certainly not as bad as many would have you believe. It could have been a lot better and feels very much like a movie put together by an uninterested committee.

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