Chinese Chocolate

Chinese Chocolate

Searching for love abroad, two very different Chinese women, a dancer and a doctor, follow their dreams and journey west to Canada. They quickly learn that the paths of heart are rocky as ...

Searching for love abroad, two very different Chinese women, a dancer and a doctor, follow their dreams and journey west to Canada. They quickly learn that the paths of heart are rocky as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pathmanathan D (ag) wrote: Formula movie, with nothing new. A mass entertainer, can watch once.Rating - 2.5/5

Philippe D (kr) wrote: 't Leven is niet altijd gemakkelijk als je geil bent :-p

Nicholas W (ca) wrote: It was like Step Up but with a basketball. It was okay, it passed the time.

Kyle P (mx) wrote: Looking for a movie to laugh your ass off to? Look no further.Looking for a well thought out and done horror film? Look further. =)This movie has a couple of pretty cool moments, but definitely is predictable, has bad CGI, plotline loops, stupid people and bad acting.Kind of fun to sit back, relax, watch and make fun of.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Funny film, Ben Stiller plays his part really well if he wasn't in it it would of been quite a drag as the rest of the cast were pretty bland and unfunny.

Private U (nl) wrote: I didn't see all of it, but what I saw was decent.

Mark L (nl) wrote: Its Maryl Streep. Who DOESN'T want to see a movie with her in it?

Stephanie H (jp) wrote: i love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel H (gb) wrote: After being fired by his idiotic boss at the CIA, a veteran CIA agent decides to write his tell-all memoirs, which riles both the CIA and KGB. Together, they try to terminate him, but he's always one step ahead of them. Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson make this funny light-hearted comedy enjoyable. And yes, it's fun watching Ned Beatty as the idiot boss get foiled time and time again. Nice also to see Herbert Lom play someone other than Chief Inspector Dreyfuss in the Pink Panther series.

Alex r (ca) wrote: Based on the Clive Cussler novel of the same name, Raise the Titanic is an underrated adventure film. If you're looking for an exciting film to watch with an engaging plot, then give this film a shot, it is far better than what most people have said about the film. I read the book and loved it, and I have to say, I don't see why this film has gotten so much flack. The cast here do a good job in their roles, and Richard Jordon is a very good Dirk Pitt. This is an entertaining film that has an engaging story and effective directing. I really enjoyed the film, and thought it was a very thrilling film that shouldn't be easily dismissed. The actors do a fine job here and they make the film an enjoyable ride. This is a very well done film that should be seen if you loved the book. A much underrated film, Raise the Titanic has its flaws, but it definitely is always thrilling and exciting because of the fact that its plot is a salvage crew raises the great liner that sank in 1912. This one of those 80's films that should be seen, as adventure films like this were fun, unique, always thrilling, very well acted and engaging. Don't believe the poor reviews of this film, Raise the Titanic is a must for adventure fans. Give this film a shot; you may be surprised at how good it really is. A well thought out film and one of the most underrated films I've seen in quite some time. If you love adventure films, be sure to hunt this one down, it's worth it.

Sean K (mx) wrote: Starting Moore out as Bond in what feels like a 70s sploitation flick like Foxy Brow seems like an odd choice. Still, Moore brings a more suave take to the character alongside some memorable stunt work that's sure to entertain...

Alex r (de) wrote: The power of Andrei Tarkovsky's work lies in its storytelling and sense of visuals, using both aspects of film, he sucks you in and you are taken on an ambitious journey. With this stunning epic, he crafts a grand portrait of Andrei Rublev, a medieval Russian painter. The film is steadily paced, slow, and it takes time for the story to unfold, but things start to pick towards the middle of the film, and there are several interesting and engaging segments, which are divided in seven parts. This film never saw a proper release when completed in the 60's, as Soviet authorities deemed it too religious and they took it upon themselves to cut plenty of the footage out of the film. I enjoyed this film, and I thoroughly enjoy big, ambitious films that are grand, take risks and are memorable. This is superb filmmaking, and I believe it is one of the finest foreign epics in cinema. Brilliantly constructed, directed, acted and shot, Andrei Rublev is a grand picture that is purely and simply, masterful filmmaking. Andrei Tarkovsky is what I would call an acquired taste, his films are a bit hard to get into, but once you do get into them, you're just so involved at what he accomplishes with his camera. I would say he was the Russian equivalent of Stanley Kubrick, because he is simply an artist, his vision and ideas and one of a kind, and though this is my second film of Tarkovsky's that I have watched, the first being Solaris, which for me is his masterwork, and a masterpiece of Science Fiction. His visionary storytelling is what makes him unique, and he tackles big, ambitious topics that are terrific entertainment for film enthusiasts that are looking for some of the finest "art" films in the cinematic medium. Tarkovsky's crafts a solid picture that has a great story, and since it's divided in parts, some viewers might find that a few segments are better than others, and that's understandable. However as a whole, this is a satisfying, and truly unique viewing experience, and we get to see a director who is at ease with such grand ideas of storytelling, and in the end, we get an experience like no other, and for true film lovers, we couldn't ask for any more.

Devilish G (gb) wrote: To Japanese women, does patriotism means bringing male soldiers sexual pleasure? Disturbing... if not disgusting.

Blake P (br) wrote: Carmilla (Vadim) is a gorgeous blonde invited to her friend's home (Martinelli), and next to it lies a castle which supposedly holds the tombs of vampires. Almost certain she looks exactly like an alleged one, Carmilla is compelled to visit the tomb, and she is immediately turned into a vampire. To quench her thirst, she decides to kill off the homeowners of a country estate. Renowned French director Roger Vadim directed this atmospheric vampire tale, "Blood and Roses" in 1960, and he had already made his most renowned work: " ... And God Created Woman", and because I consider it a masterpiece, I knew that "Blood and Roses" would be a great film to watch, considering it's been getting such good reviews. Unfortunately, I thought this movie was utterly terrible. Though a feast for the eyes with the luscious cinematography and the beauty of Annette Vadim and Elsa Martinelli, nothing else is even going for "Blood and Roses". The acting is terrible (especially from Ferrer), the character and plot development are lackluster, the script is awful, and most of all, this film isn't as scary or romantic as it should be. I think half of the problems are due to the fact that the film is in English, and almost all of the actors are French, which makes it seem like everybody has no clue what they're doing. I knew this film could either be horrible or amazing, but unfortunately it took the turn I was hoping wouldn't happen. "Blood and Roses" is a forgettable vampire flick that I wish I didn't see.

joseph h (ag) wrote: Stay away from the Bates Motel

Orlok W (es) wrote: A true classic with a brand new formula -The all star cast... Timeless and Influential--'People Come,People Go'...and a legend is made... An Absolute Gem From Another Era!!

Nelson R (es) wrote: Quite possibly the worst cartoon movie I've ever seen. No review needed. It just stinks.

Anthony T (ca) wrote: Nothing special about this remake. Almost a cut and paste copy without the charm that made the original a classic.