Chinese Puzzle

Chinese Puzzle

Xavier is a 40-year-old father of two who still finds life very complicated. When the mother of his children moves to New York, he can't bear them growing up far away from him and so he decides to move there as well.

A 40-year-old father's life is complicated when the mother of his two children moves to New York. Since he can't bear them growing up far away from him, he decides to move there as well. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah H (mx) wrote: It has some fairly funny parts, but then it gets super ghetto for no apparent reason. It's got a lot of people you will recognize and I feel like that might have been part of the humor in it. But it's got parts that don't seem to fit in the movie.

Daniel M (ag) wrote: You can tell by the direction of this movie that the director from the start wanted to show brilliance. Sadly, he did not quite knew the formula. The super-cheesy start-up leading to an incredibly dull ending made this mess an obnoxious, unremarkable film that you will certainly forget about.At least the cast felt genuinely interested.

Armando P (jp) wrote: Not as good as expected but not as bad as it might look.

Caitlin L (de) wrote: Not as good as the first one.

Susan D (fr) wrote: Great spoof on modern day cults with a hokey 7private detective twist.

dfw f (jp) wrote: Jerichow is a region in a part of East Germany that faces the Baltic Sea--it used to be in the GDR. A dishonorably discharged Afghanistan veteran Thomas returns to his home village of Jerichow. There after witnessing a wreck with a guy who was drinking he meets Ali who hires him as a driver. Ali (Hilmi Sozer), a middle aged Turkish immigrant who owns of a snack-bar chain in Eastern German . Then Thomas meets Laura, his Turkish boss's young & attractive wife (Nina Hoss who is very beautiful). Thomas ( Benno Furmann) was in the Army during the war in Afghanistan he is at his mother??s funeral & he has confrontation with business man he owes large sum of money to. So between them begins a classic love triangle. Petzold writes & directs a fine, tight film about 3 characters, each with a dark side to their character. It is a well directed & acted drama about a love & lust for the 3. The Ali character is the rich macho acting *ss*ole--he is not a happy man. The wife is the submissive beauty. Thomas is the quiet stoic strong army guy needing money & job. There is a resemblance to both versions of 'The Postman Always Rings Twice', also similar to the films by the late Reiner Werner Fassbinder Robert Bresson, & others.(as mentioned by others) This is an austere film making from director Petzold whose works are not well known in this country. The cinematography is really terrific & beautiful set in the desolate northeast Germany, where thick forests suddenly end on cliffs overlooking the Baltic Sea . The film also captures a social portrait of newly multicultural Germany, at least as it extends into the country's forgotten rural interior. The film does a good job giving us people in the dead ends they face & in the spiritual emptiness that causes people to do desperate things in search of happiness. In the end Ali ends up earning some of our sympathy is a testament to both Petzold's smart script & Sozer's deeply nuanced performance, a trait shared by his two co-actors.

Aaron S (us) wrote: GOLIATH is an Indie Comedy by the Zellner Brothers that will probably pass by under the radar for most people. The reason for this is because it premiered as an IFC film, and only toured with a movie festival, and now that it is out on DVD, it can only be found at Blockbuster. Now, some might say "Tons of people rent randomly at Blockbuster, so eventually, tons of people will watch it." Well, I went to my local Blockbuster for the soul purpose to rent a copy of this, and, even though it is a new release, I had to search for 30 minutes for their one copy that was hidden behind a copy of State of Play. But, I found it, rented it, and went home to watch it. Now, I have been following this movie for awhile, being a fan of the Zellner Brothers from some of their previous engagements, such as their shorts FIDDLESTIXX, and Nathan Zellner's work on the popular Machinima series Red v. Blue. But I went into this without reading any reviews and know generally very little about the film. The main plot that is described to you is that it is about a man who loses his cat, who is named, obviously Goliath. Now, although this is a prominent part of the movie, it is not at all the main plot of the film. This film is wholly about a man who goes unnamed, played by David Zellner. His life is falling apart. His wife is leaving him, he is being forced to take on extra duties at work for no extra pay, he is suffering a break down, and oh yeah, his cat goes missing. I should probably get this out of the way now, but I really didn't like this movie a lot. I found it to be boring and have parts that felt like they were thrown in there for extra time. With that out of the way, I'll continue. The movie opens with David Zellner's character leaving a funeral of his ex-wife's aunt, angrily. We learn in the car ride away, while he leaves a message for his ex-wife, that she made him leave, and that he is obviously having a hard time coping with the separation. This was the last interesting part of the movie to me, unfortunately. After this, he searches for odd porn, and notices his cat is missing. He ensues on a very short look for him, which, seeing as that is the only thing that was promoted for the film, I would've thought would be longer. In the next half an hour we have the two worst parts of the film. Any time his character is at work, you're supposed to have the feeling that that he dislikes it there. And I got that, but they tried to make me understand that, for much longer than they needed to. I could tell it nearly right away, yet the work scenes went on and on. But they weren't as bad as the divorce scene. Nearly right after the elongated work scene, we have a nearly seven minute scene where the main character is signing paper work for his divorce. And nothing happens. After these scenes, the movie does focus on the plot of Goliath, and David's fall into a sort of madness, which is played out through finding and avenging his cat, mostly on a convicted sex offender, played by Nathan Zellner. These parts, the last half n hour or so, are pretty good. In conclusion, if you can sit through the unnecessarily long work and paperwork scenes in this movie, you'll find a good story about a man's life falling apart and how he deals with it. But unless you are a fan of the Zellner's previous works, and want to see this, there is no need to go out of your way to find the needle in the haystack that is Blockbuster's movie walls.

Leahmae A (ag) wrote: can't go wrong with tosh

Ms L (ru) wrote: One of the better shrek movies as far as the story, I didn't really care for the last one so I thought this one wouldn't be to great but not so, on the other hand. HERE WE GO AGAIN HAVING TO WONDER IF THE CHARACTER IS A WOMEN OR A MAN CHARACTER?IM SEEING THIS ALL OVER AGAIN IN CHILDREN'S MOVIES. Producers are doing this again! MAY THE LORD GOD SEND MORE DESTRUCTION ON TOP OF DESTRUCTION TO YOU, FOR TRYING TO SEDUCE CHILDREN WITH YOUR CORRUPT WAYS

Film F (us) wrote: Patrick Swazye & Wesley Snipes are too Funny....!!!

Josh S (ag) wrote: Hilarious example of a Grindhouse type film: Random nazis; unrealistic violence; and hilarious, unrealistic dialogue. A recommendation for anyone with Fearnet on Comcast Digital Cable.

Calum R (us) wrote: When thinking of Vietnam war films, titles that tend to pop-up are the likes of 'Apocalypse Now', 'The Deer Hunter', 'Full Metal Jacket' etc, however despite these films being powerfully poignant, it's 'Platoon' that focuses more on the war zone in the jungles of Vietnam itself, whereas the aforementioned are more psychologically-focused and tend to sway away from the war zone, 'Platoon' strikes head-on and thrusts us into an open world of death, violence, betrayal and alienation within the US army itself and their war with the NVA.The one factor that can't be diminished is how realistic 'Platoon' is, and with the film being personally undertaken through Oliver Stone's personal experience whilst fighting in Vietnam, it's clear as to why. Francois Truffaut once famously said that "there's no such thing as an anti-war film", suggesting that movies depicting war will inevitably glorify it nonetheless - had he lived long enough to see 'Platoon', he may have retracted that statement.Not only does Stone focus on the horrors of war between the US army and the NVA, but also the personal vendettas within the US army itself, namely between Sergeant Barnes and Sergeant Elias, portrayed by Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe respectively in fantastic performances, Berenger in particular who gives a performance like no other. Who would've known you could hate an American sergeant so much... well Berenger sure helped us. The film doesn't glorify war, nor does it glorify the American army, it focuses on the human element, the hard-hitting reality, but also showcasing a divide in the American army between those fighting for a reason, then those who have little-to-no sympathy for those around them.'Platoon' is powerfully intense, from the opening use of the 'Adagio for Strings', to Dafoe's defining moment, arms outstretched, right through to the intense finale, which unfortunately in my own opinion does feel a little anti-climactic.Anyway despite the positive aspects of this powerfully-intense film, there are some areas that I personally think it lacks in, thus making it weaker than others in the Vietnam war genre. Now the CGI is something I'm going to skip over due to the time period, but I couldn't help but laugh at the over-the-top lighting effects and the concluding jet that seems to defy the laws of gravity, but I will let this slide. The main reason I haven't selected this film as a masterpiece, despite it being so well-made, is due to the emotional detachment from the story, and to be honest, the little sympathy I had for the film's characters, maybe I'm just heartless, but I feel that there are other war films out there that are more emotionally-poignant and hard-hitting, and as I previously mentioned, the ending felt very anti-climactic. The battle itself is intense and extremely well-executed, but when it comes to the personal one-on-one between Taylor and Barnes, it just falls short. These flaws aside, I can't praise Oliver Stone enough for the harrowing experience that is 'Platoon'.

Patrick L (de) wrote: I taped this from tv many years ago and I love to watch it on occasion. One of the most challenging, heartwarming and heartbreaking films I have ever seen and the cast is wonderful. Essentially the film is about troubled youths in a home/academy and how they relate to one another and the people they meet elsewhere. Very striking moments and perhaps the most sublime come at the end when David (who cannot bear to be touched) begs Lisa to take his hand and the scene of her hand slowly wrapping in/within his hand is almost romantic and erotic in a way. 10 out of 10!