Ching gung kai si luk

Ching gung kai si luk


Veteran action actor and director Lu Chun-ku set his sights on a tale of Ching Dynasty royal intrigue as an excuse to hire his favorite action stars, gather three choreographers, and film one fight-filled conspiracy after another. Liu Hsueh-hua is the title character caught between battling princes. Then there's award-winning actor Ku Feng, "Bastard Swordsman" Hsu Shao-chiang, "King of Shaw Brothers' Screen Villains" Wang Lung-wei, "Venom" Sun Chien, and even the director shows up to get his kicks in this danger-fraught adventure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (kr) wrote: horrid dubbing, bad comedy, and just kung fu like fights that are quite boring

Robert H (au) wrote: Interesting documentary about a sheep outfit out of Big Timber, Montana. I like that there wasn't narration or a score. It gives the viewer a sense of the real experience.

C L (de) wrote: It's really difficult to make a fine movie about such a depthless main character. Everything in "Lonesome Jim" is phony, unnatural and really slow paced.

Samuel S (it) wrote: Ron Howard and Russell Crowe team up again to bring us this extraordinary tale of a struggling boxer. I have seen many sports films and Cinderella man quite frankly is one of my all time favourites, it is better than a beautiful mind and I can't believe Crowe did not get an oscar nomination for best actor but regardless great performances from all the actors with a great vision from Howard and topped off with an incredible score by Thomas Newman, just simply an amazing film

Jamie C (jp) wrote: I enjoyed it more than the first as it's more darker and the story was much better and more gripping, But it still has too many silly bits that can ruin the mood of the film at times plus there's a few scary scenes again that may frighten young children, But most children will be amazed by what they are seeing on screen.

Craig T (mx) wrote: Stretches the minute nuggets of mundane realness that are the bread and butter of great short fiction to maddeningly visionless limits as a full-length film.

Abhijeet G (de) wrote: Confused movie that went nowhere. However, fun and funny in parts along with some great singing by Patricia Kaas.

Huang C (br) wrote: an extremely cool film that pays tribute to the original classic. story is nothing original, but the characterisation is down-to-earth and heart-felt. will make you a fan. fight scenes are a bit unsatisfying but still good overall

Nina M (jp) wrote: Aaaw, almost a 4-star movie! Close to as good as Shelter, but there is some cuteness lacking for it to be THAT good. The lead character was charming and really fun. The evolution he goes through, from a boring geek to this colorful and fun loving queer is so fun to follow. I loved the 80?s style he?s got! I would want some more cuteness, and a real love story, but which 17 year old gay guy experiences this? It?s more realistic this way. Even with the missing love story, they managed to have a good tension throughout the movie. This was Tina Holmes first movie, and I think she did a great job!

Giorgos P (ru) wrote: shocking, sick, but beautiful and unique

Knox M (nl) wrote: Compelling but makes too blatant of a statement on sexuality.

Paul J (au) wrote: Greek filmmaker Nico gives us trash, smut and exploitation at its most shameless. At least he admits it was only for the money. The reasons this was banned are plentiful. Bestiality, golden showers, incest, homosexual killings and worst of all farts. It's like some crazy hippy story in the hands of a lunatic. Try and imagine tourists from hell with a bit of Natural Born Killers thrown into the mix. Gratuitous nudity? Check. Perversity? Check. Idiocy? Check. Simply put: this has got to be in the running for the most distasteful movie ever made.

Elijah S (gb) wrote: One of my favorite films from college, if life is ever beating you down and you need a good cry this is the first movie to go to.

Kevin M W (it) wrote: Except for Boris Karloff (who proves herein that he can handle lines with the best of them) and J.Carrol Naish, the writing of this dreck shipwrecks everyone involved. Chaney's Wolfman is a joke, Frankenstein's monster "runs amok" for perhaps 3 minutes, maybe even less, and Carradine's Dracula is an insult to the legend. Pass, pass, pass!

Cait S (gb) wrote: I love this movie. I laughed I cried and would totally watch it again. If you don't like Morgan Freeman for shame. You will love the man in this movie.