Muthu (Prabhu) and Veerasamy (Chandrasekhar) are fishermen and they fish together in the same boat. Muthu lives with his mother (S. N. Lakshmi). Veerasamy drinks lot of alcohol and he has a sister, Meena (Kasthuri) who is in love with Muthu. Muthu decides to marry his carefree friend Veerasamy to Ponni (Chithra). In a financial trouble, Veerasamy joins Kumar's boat, Kumar (Radha Ravi) is a rich fishermen union leader. Veerasamy realizes that Meena is in love with Muthu and he promises to Muthu his sister's hand. Meanwhile, Kumar asks Veerasamy to marry Meena, compelled by his wife, Veerasamy accepts. Hopeless, Meena ties to herself a Thaali, she says to Veerasamy that Muthu marries her and Muthu confirms to save her honor. Veerasamy gets angry but when Muthu says the truth, he apologizes to him. Kumar beats Muthu's mother and kidnaps Meena, he arranges a forced marriage between him and Meena. Muthu saves her and he marry her with his best friend blessing.

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Chinnavar torrent reviews

Laura C (au) wrote: wanna see this movie so bad

Angel M (de) wrote: Nikki Blonsky shines! Good message...

Chucho E Q (au) wrote: For most of us, Drama/Mex is proof that a man with talent, focus and a fantastic screenplay will be able to make an extraordinary piece of filmmaking without tons of money or help from certain government institutions if he has the balls and guts to go and film it already: no money, no support, just a camera and some friends. Gerardo Naranjo (again, for most of us) became a hero, an example to follow. Somewhere in between his Cannes success and the difficult commercial release of his masterpiece, somebody gave him money to support his second movie, now that they knew what to expect from such a man like him. Voy a explotar was born.I'm in love with this movie. Once again, words are not enough to describe the power behind its images, its story, and, most of all, the best part: its characters. Voy a explotar flows like magic, like fairy dust on your eyes, a tragic love story between outcasts, a teen drama that doesn't focus on the geeks or the cuties but on the freaks who everyone avoids eye-contact with, the ones with the deep thoughts, immature but uncondicionally romantic.The character development (from looks and kisses to voice-overs and costumes), the screenplay (my favorite love story ever, real and painful but dreamy at the same time), the directing (fresh, playful, young), the whole production design (every location is flawless, every set decoration is gorgeous and important), the movie itself: everything works perfectly to move this lovely story forward.Let's wait for Naranjo's third: it's going to be history in the making.

Hobie P (gb) wrote: Entertaining thriller thats sets the bar high.

Panayiota K (us) wrote: Really charming movie. Had a great message without being cheesy. Chiwetel Ejiofor was amazing and the music so fun

Maddy C (us) wrote: This fifth instalment of the Harry Potter series sees another year at Hogwarts and once again its gets darker, more dramatic and better. With what is effectively the start of the dark days you can sense the intensity of the situation from all aspects of this film. Yet that it not entirely the case as Harry makes an even scarier discovery than ever. Girls. With hormones running high we see some lighthearted moments in the aftermath of the events of the fourth film. This is one of the greatest of the instalments so far. Another must see.

Brendan O (br) wrote: You can't imagine how stupid this is. This kinda crap make you wish that someone own the rights to Dracula, so that this z-grade trash would never be green-lighted. Leprechaun 4: In Space and Jason X looks like the first two Alien movies by comparison

Jim F (es) wrote: A well used and predictable formula, but worth watching. Terrance Howard shows qualities coaches of any sport should aspire to and does it with passion.


Greg W (ag) wrote: awesome vehiunecle for the gr8 mif

Michael M (jp) wrote: It's great seeing Michael Pitt in something again after Boardwalk Empire and his Jimmy Durmondy was easily one of the best characters on that show. I was too young in the early '90s to pay much attention to the Gotti trial so I do not recall the events of this movie happening but it's pretty crazy (and pretty stupid) to fuck with the mob. Good cast here and a lot of familiar faces from previous mob movies. Not bad. And actually kind of funny at times.

Pascal M (es) wrote: Hilarious premise ... Great Cast ... Very entertaining ... Despite what the critics say, Josh Gad and Kevin Hart make a great comedy team, and I enjoy watching this film over and over again ...