An orphan sentenced for the murder of his foster uncle, Chinna spends most of his early life in jail. Upon his release, he tries his best to redeem himself despite facing several hurdles

Born in a prison cell, the child of a female convict, Chinna is orphaned after his mother passes away. He is adopted by compassionate Jailor, Pashupati, and taken home where he lives with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leo K (it) wrote: Some very intelligent dialogue in this movie. I was expecting an intelligent ending as well, but nah... just some esoteric spiritual hyperbole.

Glenn C (kr) wrote: Nervous and introverted during the day, masked vigilante by night... Griff is a mild mannered client relations officer for a small firm in Sydney. He has a strong sense of morality and a self imposed obligation to rid the streets of filth. Unable to hide his secret from a likeminded girl who understands his life's mission, the two form a unique bond that proves to be revealing and uber cute. Griff The Invisible is a real delight. I am really loving Ryan Kwanten's work and love the fact that he keeps returning to Australia to make home-grown films... he has rejected Hollywood's pull and shows pride in his roots (take notes Melissa George). Its a quirky movie with a genuinely poignant touch that makes it more than simple fodder... in fact it reminded me a lot of the 80s movie Malcolm.

erika K (fr) wrote: ?>, 1/4 1/4?????,

Sharon C (au) wrote: Wonderful film. It's on Netflix, go see it.

Trey W (ru) wrote: Interesting, yet boring. One of Nicholas Cage's best movies. It's a cross between Indiana Jones and The Davici Code

Jake C (us) wrote: Not as good as the kaiju movies, but this is one the better US made big creature movies.

Jeffrey B (us) wrote: This is arguably the worst live-action Transformers film so far. The plot makes even less sense than the previous two sequels, and I was already sleepy by the time Optimus Prime and Grimlock were about to fight each other. Action scenes are most effective when audiences care for the characters. However, in Michael Bay's movies, we barely know anything about the characters. Thus, the action scenes are hollow and ultimately boring. Also, we do not even get to know much about the Dinobots despite the title called "Age of Extinction."