Chintu Ji

Chintu Ji

Rishi, the son of legendary Raj Kapoor, decides to try his hand at politics, and to garner support, re-locates to his birth village, Hadbahedi. The village is located in an isolated area ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (kr) wrote: Not a bad movie actually. The script drags a bit in the middle but picks up quite nicely at the end with an unexpected denouement. Not your usual pot-boiler hash. One thing it does quite well is describe the corruption that is pandemic to many Latin American Police forces. Batista was no exception, and now of course, neither is Raul Castro.

Nick D (ru) wrote: Not enough humor to save this dark dramedy

Marcos O (kr) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Yash B (jp) wrote: It's a straight to DVD sequel so if you have the right expectations in mind, it's a decent movie. The first one is definitely better but it's a nice little story that younger audiences will enjoy. Not quite as heartfelt as the first one was but still a nice little movie with some laughs and heart.

Gamaliel V (nl) wrote: great movie to watch especially with your family. my parents don't speak English so we rarely watch anything together, but this movie provided for some quality time together.

Steve S (ru) wrote: a kinda interesting documentary, totally interesting for fans of "blue planet". kinda had an oddly interesting sci fi angle to it as well

Anna J (gb) wrote: An OK movie, but not that funny, really. Minnie Driver's character was smoking all the time, which was, of course, a huge deal. I guess it was supposed to be funny how they didn't let her smoke even outside on the golf course or by the pool.

Louise R (nl) wrote: this film is ok-wheb the guy with the blood sucking tongue sucked the life out of that girl was the best part-actually I have not seen the finish yet

MARY W (nl) wrote: the best movie i've seen..

Greg W (fr) wrote: director john ford's last western film is just ok not on par with say his 'calvary trilogy'.

Gareth R (br) wrote: Seemed like a poor wannabe of a cross between Bladerunner and Book of Eli. Done really, really badly.

rusty a (nl) wrote: I thought this movie was hilarious and had a decent storyline to go along.

Kevin J (br) wrote: Anchored by a strong central performance from Matthew Goode, Burning Man is a solid portrait of a life in disarray, but never becomes compelling enough to really care about its characters

Lana B (br) wrote: I love it, one of my favorite movies!

Tom H (nl) wrote: Stallone`s first job as a director. and boy it shows! just look at this and see Rambo 4 afterwards. you can really see how he has evolved from a more than ok director too a master! Stallone also did the soundtrack, and it was fucking horrible!

yuiko m (ru) wrote: just saw it coz its relevant to the current world situation. it was rather too long, too unrealistic without much justification which eventually got boring. if they could add more realistic details or pretend to, it would have been a lot better. it scared me due to the current situation though!