Tadashi Imamura is a burglar who idolises Ozaki, a star baseball player he shares a birthday with. One day he realises their connection is much deeper than that and decides to find out more. Based on a short story by Kotaro Isaka.

Set in Sendai, Japan, 2 men live completely different lives. One is a star professional baseball player and the other burglarizes empty homes. Their fate connects with unseeable connections when Tadashi Imamura (Gaku Hamada) and a suicidal woman enter the home of the professional baseball player ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (ag) wrote: Poorly executed story, not helped by some terrible all-round acting... it's a shame really as some stock footage I filmed ended up being used in this movie, which to my knowledge is my only foray into being a big screen cameraman!

Onkel B (fr) wrote: It's a small world.......

Ric A (it) wrote: Nothing new or special here, just a plain identity fraud story that goes horribly wrong. But it is based on a true story so the interest goes a bit higher than usual.

Marilee A (us) wrote: Edward Norton was as usual fabulous

DiAM0ND (es) wrote: luhved this movie&tha first part=)

Zeb E (ag) wrote: The dude boffs his own mom... uncomfortably disturbing material, do not watch. NO RATING... zero stars.

Facebook U (mx) wrote: Small film with pretentions way above its head. It is rather bashy of french and of arabs. Probably another english propagandist film. The story is rather ridiculous and may be alluring for westerns viewers with a change of decor. I don't think there is much truth in the film, to add insult to injury.

Victor M (mx) wrote: This British film so strangely named as the terrible dinosaur, gave me a rough, hard view about loneliness, hollow relationships and another issues about human relations. Joseph's character perfectly performed by Peter Mullan