Chissà perché... capitano tutte a me

Chissà perché... capitano tutte a me

Bud Spencer is, as always, getting into fights - especially after getting a job as sheriff. He's looking after a small boy who's actually an extraterrestrial with special abilities thus the military wants him. Bud's got his hands full.

Following the events of The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid, Sheriff Hall and H-725 (using the official identity of Charlie Warren) still get no rest from the military: because the little alien has not yet grasped the meaning of keeping a low profile, they are constantly on the move, and H-725’s father has had to pick them out of a tight spot too many times already.Hall and Charlie eventually arrive at the city of Munroe, where petty crime, from vandalism to armed robberies, is running rampant, more so because the town currently has no sheriff. Charlie pushes Hall into staying in this place, and somewhat reluctantly Hall takes up the job in this chaotic place, with the help of the local radio jock and City Mayor Howard (Ferruccio Amendola). Soon the riff-raff in town learns not to underestimate the new sheriff as he metes out hard-hitting advice to stay out of trouble. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaye E (ca) wrote: I wonder how does it feels to have a twin. On the contrary, I wonder how does it feels to have siblings.

Dann M (nl) wrote: Steve Coogan brings his BBC character Alan Partridge to the big screen in this satirical British comedy. When his radio station is taken hostage by a disgruntled employee who was fired, radio DJ Alan Partridge is asked to help serve as negotiator throughout the crisis. Both Coogan and his co-star Colm Meaney give great performances. And the comedy is fairly well-done, doing a good job at mixing dry humor with slapstick. However, the writing's a little weak doesn't seem to know where the story's going at times. Yet even with its problems, Alan Partridge is entertaining and delivers plenty of laughs.

Hobie P (ag) wrote: T he film isnt as ranchey as it should be,& theres no nudity.

Pascal V (de) wrote: Trs utile quand, coinc plus haut que la raison sur une structure mtallique dans un parc derrire Notre Dame, on vous somme de descendre plus rapidement... ^^

Ben D (nl) wrote: The success of The Descendants in 2011 made me track down a copy of this, Alexander Payne's debut feature which somehow I missed on its inital release, despite reading every film mag and working in a video rental store at the time. Maybe if I did read about it then, I forgot about it quickly because its premise seemed not for me - for Citizen Ruth is an abortion comedy.An abortion comedy. Right from the start of his career we can see Alexander Payne reaching to do something different. For the majority Citizen Ruth works very well indeed - at least while you're watching it. Laura Dern is very good indeed as Ruth - and there are some nice supporting turns from people like Kurtwood Smith, Burt Reynolds and Swoozie Kurtz. The biggest problem facing Citzen Ruth is that it doesn't quite hold together - Payne is so keen on having Ruth experience both sides of the abortion argument that the film comes closer to a series of loosely connected sketches rather than a full blown narrative. Some interesting characters are interesting only to be abandoned before the half way stage - the daughter of the uptight pro-lifers who wants to be a wild child suggests some interesting opposition to the main argument of the film, but she is quickly forgotten. Nevertheless, Citizen Ruth is protean Alexander Payne, and as such it makes for fascinating viewing. Not a great debut, perhaps, but very enjoyable whilst your watching. I just don't think I'll ever return to it.

Epifania A (nl) wrote: I had completely forgotten how powerful this movie is, and I suspect it is still relevant 18 years after the fact. Glad to be watching it again and plan to do so often as a reminder of how much still needs to be done to empower, liberate and educate many of us.

Jaret M (es) wrote: Excellent, pointed Sci-Fi.

Kevin B (mx) wrote: The only other movie by writer/director of Groove Tube, Ken Shapiro. Abysmal.

Brian P (jp) wrote: So awful and really hard to watch. Mae West was in her 80s when she made this and she is still doing all the jokes she was doing in the 30s. Also disgusting is the fact that every guy in this movie falls all over themselves trying to please her and try to get her in bed. The fact that she looks like a mummy doesn't matter. Everyone embarrasses themselves but Keith Moon wins just because he doesn't look like he knows what he is doing.

Adriano B (ag) wrote: The unfathomable male AI has a lot of mundane interest in Julie Christie, that chauvinist pig: a mix of good intuitions, typical seventies inconsistencies, metaphisical transformer decore and domotic weirdness.

Mel M (de) wrote: I would only watch this because Jim Kelly was in Enter The Dragon with Bruce Lee and i'm a massive fan of his!

Jamison R (de) wrote: Interesting subject matter; guys who are huge into My Little Pony. But the documentary basically gave you the premise and explanation early on. The rest of the doc seemed like it ran out of steam trying to fill time.

Alexandru S (nl) wrote: Acting: 2.5/5Story: 1.5/5Perception: 1.5/5This one really spews a feeling of incompletion. It holds an intriguing premise but nothing more. Most of it is pretty bland and the initial tension fades away quite fast. Moreover the two protagonists can't do much to save it. In the end the question that lingers is: that was all?

Helena K (nl) wrote: A delightful coming of age story about a grown-ass woman. Sounds like it wouldn't work, but it does.