• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:purgatory,   chechnya,  

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Chistilishche torrent reviews

Jos M (es) wrote: Puede resultar efectiva como film de serie-B

Sharon W (br) wrote: The actors could not overcome the very poor writing and direction of this wannabe Thelma and Louise for old ladies. There was nothing good about the movie except an occasional smile for Kathy Bates and her characters longing for a man's "big rig", other than that the emotions were forced and by the end I really didn't care whether or not Arvilla kept her home or not... I just wanted the movie to end.

Kingsley Z (it) wrote: Eh why did I watch this? Not really funny Korean rom-com about learning English. I think they got the difficulty of learning a foreign language part down well. The white people in this are really bad actors. I think they just pulled them off the street. Also the main girl is a babe and everyone thinks she is a nerd. I guess the whole put glasses on a hot girl therefore making her nerdy and unattractive idea transcends borders.

Josh B (mx) wrote: A really cool movie about the making of a movie. Mario Van Peebles honors his pops in this homage the making of Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. They sure as shit don't make movies like that anymore. Mario's movie is great and I'm sure it made his dad proud. Stick through the credits because there is some great commentary from the actual people involved the film from the early 1970's.

sara c (us) wrote: good once ya see it bout 3 times lol.

Andy G (it) wrote: Another classic featuring Bruce Campbell

Thomas K (mx) wrote: Soderbergh's first film and it's as great as it was influential.

Joanne W (ru) wrote: was such a cool film scotland's own robin hood types sound track by big country was out of this world

Sean C (ca) wrote: Awkward in some places but still a fine film, perhaps the best I've seen to feature immigration in the Gilded Age.

Jonathan F (ru) wrote: Francesco Rosi's breakthrough film is an often confusing but really fascinating analysis, not of Giuliano himself, but the chasm that existed between the classes and the Italian government in the 1960s.

Victor M (au) wrote: A hard drama that poses a valid question, specilay for divorced couples, whta does it mean to be a good parent?

Nick S (mx) wrote: A lovable and true story which will live on forever.

James S (de) wrote: The much talked about "a fault in our stars" takes viewers on an emotional journey, depicting an unlikely couple that quickly become attached to one anther. Scenes are intense, emotional and romantic yet occasionally humorous and lighthearted - everything you could hope for in a romantic drama really. Viewers will instantly become absorbed in the storyline that perhaps does not develop as the viewer expects. The final scenes are certainly emotional and depict a truly real life scenario and dilema for the audience to contend with. It's thought provoking heights assist its rating in posing long lasting questions to its viewers. If you're looking for an emotional, romantic drama look no further.

Zach M (nl) wrote: This was more enjoyable for adults than the first.It again tries to teach a lot of lessons for kids to learn from as well as it being about fairies.Still has some laughs to keep you involved.