Chitraganda: The Crowning Wish, is a lusciously lit and deeply personal drama about a choreographer considering a gender-reassignment surgery. The film also explores insights into how gender expression can affect families.

Chitrangada is a story of a Dancer. Rudra Chatterjee,the protagonist wanted to become a dancer but had to study engineering to fulfill his father's dream. The story is about the crowning wish which remains unfulfilled. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chitrangada torrent reviews

Choen L (br) wrote: Predictable formula populated with stereotypes but that's the whole point, resulting in a fun romp for all ages, but more so for the kids.

Djmk T (ru) wrote: Seriously? Let me save you the trouble, just as bad as The Devil Inside. And if you continue to watch stop reading........................................spoiler alert: the so-called terrifying monster is a freaking dinosaur!

Deana N (mx) wrote: Load of rubbish, pointless movie, absolute garbage!!

collin g (es) wrote: awesome movie should watch even if you dont like fishing i dont but still enjoyed this movie

Jay S (us) wrote: Great low budget horror film that pays homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre (notice the dining room and the way victims are carried about). Very grainy, loved it!

Phil S (us) wrote: The most 90's film I've ever seen... so terribly dated... like a William Gibson book adapted by Disney. Utter bollocks but somehow compelling.

Eric J (gb) wrote: A cute story that sported a good cast and an awesome soundtrack

Jessica M (mx) wrote: This is not the True Blood series and this movie was made when some of the True Blood actors were children!! They need to fix this.

Andi Z (ag) wrote: fast forward is about these teens who want to go to new york city to become dancers. but on there way they get in to trouble. so they help each other. & then they get to dance on tv. this is a real Flash back from the 80's this is a real funny movie to add to your List!

Vladimir B (au) wrote: Good animation reminded of Wild Thorneberrys type of color and sound with culture

Byron B (gb) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR