Set in the turbulence of the 1930s British India, Chittagong is a true story of a 14 year old boy, Jhunku, and of his journey to find where he belongs. For the first time in Indian history, the British army is defeated by a ragtag army of schoolboys and their teacher, Masterda. Called a traitor by his peers, and let down by a man he trusts, Jhunku impulsively joins the movement. As his world is turned upside down, Jhunku is forced to confront his self-doubts. As the leaders of the movement are progressively caught or killed, Jhunku battles against seemingly insurmountable odds to win a victory of his own. The film is an exciting action-drama, made more so by the fact that it is true.

Set in the turbulence of the 1930s British India, a 14 year old boy, Jhunku, and his journey to find where he belongs. For the first time in Indian history, the British army is defeated by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aurlie J (kr) wrote: a a beau durer qu'1h24, c'est un peu long et r (C)p (C)titif. Ceux qui l'ont vu comprendront

Seth K (gb) wrote: Having seen the musical twice before the film, I was excited to see how Clint Eastwood would bring the Tony-winning musical to the big screen. While the story does flow and work better on the stage than on screen, "Jersey Boys" still has a unique style all its own that keeps you invested the entire time.

D S (ag) wrote: [font=Fixedsys]Bad acting and incredibly fake fight scenes, yet a guilty pleasure. This sums up 13 Dead Men, about an imprisoned inmate who knows the location of stolen diamonds, is about to be put to death, and wants to take that secret with him to the grave rather than give up the location to the prison warden. Doesn't that sound like a blast? It's the horrible acting and fake fight scenes that make this movie enjoyable to watch. A good $1 find from your local Walmart or Target store if you can find it.[/font][font=Tahoma]Edit: Originally posted[/font] [font=Tahoma][b]Wednesday, November 07, 2007[/b] under Lucky7s22G[/font]

Ken T (br) wrote: Not a super popular movie...It had an interesting edge to it. The weapon they were carrying was unrealistic. This I know I was trained to decontaminate such stuff. A decent watch if you're bored and have nothing else to see..."

bill s (it) wrote: Too much Hollywood generic shmoltz but a marginal enough story where these fine actors are rendered null en void.

Hama G (ca) wrote: Not the best of movies, but at least its entertaining.

Chris B (de) wrote: While definetly not as phenominal as the first French Connection, the second film does deliver more action and a solid and gritty story with another solid performance by Gene Hackman. It's a direct sequel and picks up where the first left off so it is pretty much a must to see the first film in order to grasp the storyline better but could stand on it's own too. While not the best of films, there is certainly a lot to like here and Hackman as usual delivers a complex and wonderfully detailed portrayal of his character.

Dhiraj M (nl) wrote: Absolute gem of a classic

Erulisse A (us) wrote: A very interesting and highly entertaining film with well-developed colorful characters. A little exaggerating for most parts but that added much flavor to the storyline. Loved it

Abdulrahman H (nl) wrote: In my opinion, Cars is underrated.Such a beautiful movie with a big heart, lovable characters, awesome racing scenes, and great CGI. The ending was very heart-warming and inspiring, too.Score: 8.5/10 (Great).

Kari C (ru) wrote: An obviously bad movie, but bad in a way that kept making me think...who the hell really DOES think up this weird shit?

Harry W (fr) wrote: Earning critical acclaim and propelling Amy Schumer into the cinematic spotlight, Trainwreck sounded like a fun comedic experience.In no time, it becomes apparent that Trainwreck is nothing more than a chick flick parading around as an innovative comedy. Judd Apatow seems to think that Trainwreck is able to skim by on the basis of the gender-swapping at the heart of its story. The protagonist is a player in the romantic field who shamelessly engages in sex with multiple people without giving it a second thought, and this time it's a woman doing it. But in no time, the protagonist reveals herself as a whiny and insecure character caught up in a tale of cheap sentimentality and uninspired humour. This is when it becomes clear that what Trainwreck considers an innovation is actually just a facade for a generic chick flick which gets progressively worse as the film goes on and gets more melodramatic with every step. The idea that Trainwreck is supposed to be a comedy actually becomes an afterthought in the process of its story development because the film gets progressively more and more serious until any possible idea of humour just becomes completely depleted from the feature. If audiences aren't immediately captivated by the comical ambitions of the film, the jokes will seem off-tone and awkward. The humour relies on a lot of random characters jumping in and out of the story and saying ridiculously off-key things with the gimmick of their star power being the driving force behind it. But when the story itself carries such a serious tone, it becomes hard to find any time to laugh. This kind of humour is that which would normally appear in a spoof comedy; one which actually has enough silliness to make it seem appropriate.The film is a drama with a generic romantic plot line and a collection of random one-liners jammed into its script in an attempt to pass itself off as a comedy. But at no point was I able to stop and laugh because the tone of the film was so poor. The story was ridiculous in how serious it ended up being and yet the humour was so crude, so the comedy and drama sit on opposing ends of the spectrum without ever smoothly integrating. The drama in the film actually managed to develop itself to the film's detriment as its attempts to get deeper made the humour seem all the more shallow and inappropriate. The resulting film is one which is too melodramatic to actually offer anything worth laughing at while simultaneously too juvenile and cheaply-scripted to be compelling on any level. It's rare that a film is as misguided in tone as Trainwreck is, but Judd Apatow finds a way to make it so. Regardless of all its critical acclaim, I would say that the film is one of the most pretentious chick flicks I have ever seen. I am not a fan of chick flicks or romance, and there is no way that Trainwreck can pretend it is anything other than both of those things awkardly concocted into feature length. And when I say feature length, I mean two entire freakin' hours. Rarely can a film be funny for this long as it is a running time far more suited for a drama, but since the plot at the core of the film is so generic and melodramatic there is no fun to be had along the way. Frankly, it's hard for me to see anyone liking this film unless they are big fans of the conventional chick flick. For them, maybe this film will take enough of a differently oddball path to actually seem refreshing. But to me, it still relies on the cliche formula that plagues every other film in the genre and cannot actually find any time to be funny. Given that the driving force behind the film seems to be comedian Amy Schumer, it seems that she is the one to point the finger at.Amy Schumer has proven herself as a rising comedian in recent years due to her shameless yet not excessive nature and her sheer ambition. Having never been familiar with her sense of humour beforehand, Trainwreck was the first major exposure I got to her. In honesty, I can't see what all the hype is about. As the writer and star of the film, Amy Schumer contributes humour to neither of these. The script is poorly crafted and her character isn't funny. Given that she is the insecure half of a tedious dramatic relationship, she spends pretty much the entire film just whining about things. It gets annoying fast, and audiences bent on sticking around have to tolerate it for two hours. There was not a single point in the film where Amy Schumer brought me anywhere close to laughing with her supposed charisma. In fact, the one thing that Amy Schumer does accomplish in Trainwreck is proving her talents as a dramatic actress. Despite the film's many moments of melodrama, Amy Schumer always manages to find the ideal level of emotional engagement with the material and creates a more sympathetic side to the otherwise annoying protagonist she has to play the rest of the time. She has no problem revealing the vulnerable side of herself, easily conveying her character's insecurities to audiences and being able to cry on command. Amy Schumer proves that she is extremely skilful as a dramatic talent, and the film leaves me eager to see her in a film which doesn't pretend to be a comedy. Amy Schumer proves that she knows how to act with firm character tenacity, but actually eliciting laughter is clearly not her forte.And both Bill Hader and Brie Larson bring their inherent charms to the film, proving to both create a strong sense of chemistry with Amy Schumer.Trainwreck proves that Amy Schumer knows how to act with dramatic charisma, but the film quickly descends into melodramatic territory which drags on for two hours with formulaic chick flick conventions, an uneven tone and brainless attempts at functioning comedy.