Chloe in the Afternoon

Chloe in the Afternoon

Though he has an adoring wife, a bourgeois man is still tempted to pursue other women.

Though he has an adoring wife, a bourgeois man is still tempted to pursue other women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chloe in the Afternoon torrent reviews

Eliabeth N (it) wrote: So cheesy, but there in lies its charm. With some great, but definatly cheesy dancing and singing. Not bad if you feel like an easy film to watch which will lighten your mood.

Togno G (it) wrote: Una visin intimista, real y conmovedora...

Shawn H (fr) wrote: Two men seem to be falling deeper and deeper into some obsessed state over what may or may not be real snuff films. To me..this was a huge snooze fest. it was missing the psychological mind twist that..say..8MM (with Nicholas Cage) had.

Stphanie C (mx) wrote: Un des meilleurs films quebecois que j'ai vu dans ma vie. La facture visuelle est hyper lche, un peu la Tim Burton et Harry Potter, mais en version village qubcois. L'interprete de Babine aurait pu etre mieux, mais en meme temps, ce n'est pas un role de composition, le personnage n'a pas la meme dficience que Sean Penn dans I am Sam mettons. Le film vhicule des bonnes valeurs, nous fait rire, nous fait pleurer...vive Fred Pellerin et Luc Picard en tout cas.

Berdo R (br) wrote: "skillful filmmaking.. Older children might feel as though they've seen this all before"

Scott M (ag) wrote: Rip Torn has one decent line that sounds like he wants to sleep with John Wayne. Otherwise skip it.

huqo R (jp) wrote: best movie eva i seen it mad tymess! trinn to download itt

Karen S (gb) wrote: Wach it, if only to see how beauitful Meryl Streep looks in it with her blond, shoulder-brushing bob.

Amanda H (it) wrote: I was skeptical about the subject matter, because often religious-themed films are either highly offensive or unbelievably preachy. This one manages to walk the line between both without ever really crossing it, and that's refreshing. There's also a good amount of humor, and I got a lot more than I expected considering I've never read the book.

King L (gb) wrote: Highly stylized and gruesome retelling of the legend of King Arthur. See Patrick Stewart in his pre-Star Trek days and also a young Helen Mirren as the evil Morgana and a young Liam Neeson as Sir Gawain.

Alaysha L (fr) wrote: Thumbs up 0% rotten tomatoes

Paul D (us) wrote: Well made, and not a bad horror mystery, the only downside being the actual mystery takes a very long time to unravel.

Greg R (ag) wrote: Sullivan's Travels is a brilliant film that shows the importance of laughter, and why we need it.

Haneef A (gb) wrote: Bridge of Spies (BoS) is a very good movie directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks...although it is not a movie for everyone. I enjoyed their pairing of work more in Saving Private Ryan. Having said that, BoS has an interesting story based on a real event circa the Cold War 1957-60, about a lawyer and his involvement with 2 spies on opposite sides of both US and Soviet Union, and the politics and mindsets of both nations. Main themes are of honour of men and humanity, regardless of what nationality/ideology you hail from. A fine script and uplifting dialogues; but with no action at all save for a shooting scene. Recommended for historical aficionados and those who like A Few Good Men. A personal A-.

Andrew P (ag) wrote: It has earned its place as the worst comedy ever. So senseless and unfunny.