In the town of Copper Canyon, people are cashing in on an economic housing boom, and the local country club is buzzing about the investment opportunity. Once vivacious couple, Roger (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Georgie (Kyra Sedgwick), have settled into a complacent lifestyle of mediocrity where their marriage is falling apart and their children are turning away from them. Nonetheless, the desperately discontent Georgie pushes Roger into finding a way to invest in the market bubble in the hopes that their family can be saved with the money they are sure to make. When local tennis pro and part-time drug dealer, Pat (Rhys Coiro), comes to Roger for investment advice, Roger sees his opportunity. Torn by the reality that his family could be saved by this dirty money, Roger finds himself staring down the barrel of a moral conundrum.

A teenage girls figures out her parents aren't perfect. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chlorine torrent reviews

Shakhawat K (jp) wrote: a truly weird and strange movie...a creative crazy unique look at loneliness...its heartfelt and entertaining...

Kerry S (fr) wrote: what can I say: I love this movie.

Leonardo Malacay S (jp) wrote: Hace rato no me rea tanto, pero hay que verla con el cerebro desconectado.

Mark K (ru) wrote: not a bad movie to watch on a bros night out

Michael T (ag) wrote: Obviously, a moronic film, but it has its moments of good humour...

Francesca F (us) wrote: The whole premise was a bit louche. And the details were silly. I liked the soundtrack.TV, 27/02/08

Pedro C (nl) wrote: Not even a soundtrack composed by George Harrison saves this one. It's an on-going ZZZZZZZZZZ

Michael G (ru) wrote: Though utterly abstract, completely pointless, containing no real story line whatsoever. This movie was absolutely hilarious. Though often quite crass, it was an extremely odd and VERY weird trip into the imagination world of the producer.Riddled with extremely unsound philosophy, very corny actors and so many one liners it could have its own book. This was QUITE an odd movie to say the less...Docked a bit for a few obvious moments..