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Melody Z (kr) wrote: I feel this had all the makings of a great movie, but it never quite got there. The movie is way too long, by at least an hour and it makes its point early on and just keeps repeating it thus leaving the audience in a long plateau phase. Certainly akin to pouring honey on a cold, winter day. The ending is an absolute disappointment after spending nearly 3 hours driving down a dead end road. I will say the stark realness of the film, with its documentary-esque filming does paint a very true and gritty picture of truly the most depressing areas of the US. I really felt like there's a roving band of misfits still scouring the states hustling people out of money even as I write this and Shaia does a very commendable job in this role.

Kevin T (nl) wrote: I love it to watching ?

Renee R (ca) wrote: Silly but fun to watch. Good family movie.

Ludwig V (gb) wrote: A slasher flick, made in the early 80's, has a curse on it which has anyone who tries to finish it turning up dead. Years later, a group of film students attempted to complete the movie - also resurrecting the films deadly curse. Great idea for a film, but sadly 'Cut' is just another wasted opportunity.Unfortunately Australia hasn't had the world's best track record when it comes to horror. 'Razorback' (1984) was an out and out dud as was 'Holwing III' (1987), which was half an American film anyway. As for our foray into comedy-horror, 'Body Melt' (1993) is best left forgotten. The problem with 'Cut' is that the makers trying to create a clever horror satire a la 'Scream' (1996) but have no insight into the genre or what makes it work. And although this sounds weird me saying this about a slasher film but what 'Cut' really lacks is any "heart". Sure it follows the basic "rules" established by 'Scream', but it doesn't want to play with the formula, instead it goes for a cardboard copy of the earlier.The killer, Scarman, is probably one of the most boring and uncharismatic villains in horror movie history. His endless awkward, lame one-liners would make a 'Full Moon' movie seem like Shakespeare. The cast never seem like their fully involved and look like their just waiting for a shoot to be over so they can collect their pay checks. And the feel of the film is like it's deliberately trying not to be creepy; looking more like an episode of 'Neighbors' or 'Heartbreak High'. By the way, those attempts at MTV style, hyper-cinema during the "research" sequence just look lame, dated and out of place.If Australia ever gets a chance to do horror again (Which I hope we still do) maybe we should take a leaf from the 'Mad Max' (1979) book. Instead of trying to copy the U.S. we should be trying our own take on the genre.

(br) wrote: this is my son best movie of all time. he said that the film have everything he need in the movie comedy and horror. this is the good film. classic yes! it is up to jaws no. but is it good yes. is it need to be a b movie no is a fun movie!

star r (ca) wrote: he is really funny and i have a lot of cus staid up comedy on dvd

Kimberly B (ag) wrote: i saw this when i was little , i'm pretty sure that i cried. It's a pretty good film

Daniel H (gb) wrote: It unfolds slowly, with realistic but often no cinematic purpose. As the last quarter of the film approaches, it regains its cinematic credentials and regains a tense, anxious air.It truly shines when understood in its timeframe, between the Moon Landing and Apollo 13 incident. It covers the same ground that many later Space Race dramas would cover, and often covers them with better humanity and thoroughness.An excellent window into this tense stage of space-travel... and if it fails occasionally as a film, it can be excused for what it lets us watch with a sense of authenticity and honesty.

Brandy I (de) wrote: I think this is my all time favorite Frankenstein movie. Its a different take on Frankenstein and his papa which is nice and it keeps you glued for 2 hrs to a Frankenstein movie which is pretty amazing in itself. DeNiro plays "The Monster" so well that you cant really see it's him unless you are looking for him. Ladies, if you are looking for a "Frankenstein" flick for your man that you "have to sit thru" make it this one. You'll both enjoy it.

Jamie C (de) wrote: Brilliant return to the ring as I was worried when I first heard about this but turns out i love it, Well acted by all the cast and Stallone looks pretty good for his age, The training montage and the fight were classic rocky but more realistic and worked very well, Our fears are pit aside as Rocky Balboa stands tall with the classics.

Dedmeet C (us) wrote: A nice and entertaining fantasy movie populated by stereotypes. That been said this movie manages to pull it off being well made and thanks to a really talented cast and enjoyable specialeffects. All in all a movie that I feel is unfairly underrated. But then I am a fan of the fantasy genre - and for them to be able to make this sort of movies on a reasonable budget nowadays is something Im seriously grateful over and thrilled about.

Niclas H (kr) wrote: Brukar ju gilla western, men det hr var i segaste laget!