Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla

A black comedy/drama about a lonely ice-cream van driver, Warren Thompson, and his unhealthy obsession with television soap starlet, Katey George.

crush visits his ice-cream van whilst shooting an episode of the soap nearby… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla torrent reviews

Venkat M (de) wrote: invisible sachin drives the movie.

William M (jp) wrote: This unfunny comedy underutilizes it's overly familiar but interesting reason using weird sexuality and unfunny dialogue.

Moshe V (fr) wrote: Long... Lent... Propos plus au moins insignifiant... Ds la premire scne la mtaphore 2 sous est expose, le moins des films de Inaritu pour moi... Dommage je voulais vraiment l'aimer ce film :/

Dj Hollywood (de) wrote: A funny real look at a pre-op tran women who has dreams of leaving more than her man hood behind. It's rare to see a movie with roots of art noir' in them and also have the main character be so honest and true. As a transgender movie it gives our Trans America to shame with it's orginality and use of musical insperations. With only 20 cintimeters between her and true love our main character Marieta shows us the life of her transgender world. And when you think it's hard enough being transgender the movie throw you narcolepcy and a little person, and a man who loves his ladies with a little something extra! This movie is a power house indie not to be missed by any spanish cine lover or american indie watcher!

Bobby L (es) wrote: An oddity about the alienation (literally) of a dissatisfied teen society, this movie does not have the best acting or sets or cinematography, but damn, it's original and interesting.

Mike N (br) wrote: darkly humorous in the beginning, and than turns completely dark and sad...well filmed and a good story. "your still a slave jake, a slave to your fists,to the drink,to yourself."

daniel m (mx) wrote: great daddy/daughter movie to share together

Wahida K (kr) wrote: Warlocks with Julian Sands are the Best. I dont say Bruce Payne was bad, just not so convincing like Julian Sands.

Michael A (gb) wrote: Pure Cheese, now we know where they got the ideas for Airplane, Watch it if you want a laugh.

David B (fr) wrote: Only 77%!The greatest war movie ever. As everyone in Britain knows!!

Rodrigo V (mx) wrote: 27 minutes was my absolute limit. Besides some eye candy here and there it's not worth watching it complete. Such a bore.

Anders A (it) wrote: Two different heartbeats on the same heartbreak. A human take on a sudden divorce. Hoffman's acting is great.