Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla

A black comedy/drama about a lonely ice-cream van driver, Warren Thompson, and his unhealthy obsession with television soap starlet, Katey George. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla torrent reviews

Mandy R (nl) wrote: Most interesting film I have ever seen.

Robert I (au) wrote: Whatever company is making these films need to stop. I watched another film from this company with the exact same cast. Uncreative and the jokes are so... lame. At least be a funny porn. Is that so hard to ask? Speaking of porn, this isn't hot at all. Tsk tsk.

Evan J (us) wrote: this movie will scare the crap out of you. none of us literally have any idea what the government and the federal reserve are doing to us, and this film points it all out in a brutally honest straightforward fashion. every american needs to see this film and realize the freedoms that are being taken away from them.

Tasia Z (it) wrote: hilarious! not ur average gay storyline. "its not pink...its fuscia!"

Kyle M (kr) wrote: This kind-hearted drama, a melodrama with power, only relies on its uplifting spirit and performances, especially Gooding Jr.'s. (B-)(Full review coming soon)

Alan G (au) wrote: Clever idea, original, and risky. But it failed to ever really capture my attention. I found my eyes wandering the screen not out of curiosity to see what the other characters were up to, but rather out of boredom. I think this is a much better experiment - as if the director had the idea and just wanted to see if they could pull it off. But as a film that an audience has to sit through, there was still much left to be desired.

Jim G (au) wrote: 4 of 5 stars for this Hong Kong action movie. To start with, let me say that this is a dubbed into English movie. It appears to have been filmed mostly in Hong Kong with a chunk done in South Korea. When you talk about Hong Kong action movies, you first think of kung fu "wire-work" movies. Wrong! This movie has zero kung fu and zero wire scenes. On the other hand, Let the Bullets Fly! The photographic style of this movie is much different than Hollywood; much more ah ah Artistic and may scenes to develop the characters--often without words. You really have to watch this movie carefully to get the full value. The story is about a woman who is a paid assassin. She is extremely good at her work and is hired often to hit powerful people. Her un-doing is one hit that is successful, but, leaves people who want revenge. There is the start of a romance, but, that is really a way to more fully develop her character and history. Yes, this is a good movie and is worth watching. Be warned, and be prepared, this ain't no Hollywood movie--it is different and it is good.

Steve G (br) wrote: The plot just keeps kind of sporadically bursting out of nowhere; scatter shot. Not well set-up. Regardless, it's interesting viewing. Phoenix and Poitier are always compelling. Just give $200 Gs to strangers, I guess. :/

Nic W (nl) wrote: "ninjas? 'what the hell are ninjas!"

Guido F (mx) wrote: Obra maestra del gran FedericoGiuletta Masina actriz inolvidable!!!!

Greg W (gb) wrote: ok sequel though the director of the first pic passed on this-what does that say?

Racheal E (ag) wrote: very interesting rare vintage film lots of romance yet sad it has a crazy tragic endng!

Gregory W (mx) wrote: good technicolor western but the copy i saw was really washed out and green this is a prime candidate 4 restoration great cast.

Trouble S (de) wrote: Crap...not sure what this was a comedy or a thriller?!

Russ B (au) wrote: 3/25/2016: A pretty funny movie with an excellent cast.