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Choileefat torrent reviews

Cesar G (jp) wrote: One of the most mature comedies and one of the most mature film of Judd Apatow. It has laughs but it also have tears and subject to think about, making this film a rare jewel.

Robertson R (es) wrote: Not the best superhero movie but definitely the best Hulk one

Matthew R (es) wrote: Telling interviews from current vets. Must see.

Private U (au) wrote: i thought this movie would be like the hills have eyes. it's about these 4 prisoners that were murdered by a corrupted & bad sherrif back in the 60s. 3 of those prisoners are white & just plain evil. the 4th prisoner is native (Lou's dad) who just wanted to finish his time. they all haunt hiway 666 where they were cameo by a well known native actor

Brian B (gb) wrote: This one is slightly better than the fifth one. Not by a whole lot, but they just sort of changed gears and went another direction.

Senor C (es) wrote: there's many over the hill comedies (many end up being superlame) but Burt makes this one work

Gayle A (mx) wrote: I really liked this movie. Peter Riegert is truly romantic. One of my favorite romantic movies.