Chôjin densetsu Urotsukidôji

Chôjin densetsu Urotsukidôji

The relative coexistence of the human world, demon world and beast world is soon to be disrupted by The Overfiend, an immensely powerful demon who'll be reborn after 3000 years to remake the world to his own liking.

When Overfiend is found and born in a human, he will remake the world to something more of his liking! Ripping the boundaries of the three universes (worlds) apart, it's clear that little ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvie G (kr) wrote: Tres drole Jude Law tres bon j ai bien aime

Lovyn L (it) wrote: Very intriguing storyline.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (br) wrote: Actually a really cool and a bit funny movie!

Jake S (ag) wrote: It a fun idea, and an interesting story... come on, how many other movies do you know of where the nihilist wears a pink bunny suit. The best parts the main characters getting ready for Easter... good times.

Peter P (us) wrote: Nice animation, fairly silly story, but the voice work is mostly ok.

Jasmin (nl) wrote: This iz mi movie and mi dady love d it to it was an old movie and a funny one too My fav. part waz wen he took dem fishin n he accted like he waz drowin so Ms.Perry would jump in. Then she finally realized it was only like 2ft.

David R (ru) wrote: You have to watch Airplane!, then watch this film. If you try it the other way round, this film would seem totally rubbish. Then again, it is!

Dave B (br) wrote: Never forget watching Abbott and Costello movies with my Dad on Sunday mornings...Great memories.

david t (jp) wrote: i would like to see this one..

Luc L (nl) wrote: An interesting gangster film.

Keith T (de) wrote: Cousin Violet's adventures after Downton Abbey was handed over to the National Trust, after Lord Grantham lost all the family money for the third time. An outstanding performance by Maggie Smith & the guy playing Alan Bennett could *be* Alan Bennett. Some lovely cameo roles for various 'History Boys' too.

Richard S (it) wrote: Yes, of course you know going in where The Invitation is going to end up. But the script and performances kept me in suspense throughout, and the how and when and the details of the denouement differ enough from genre standard that I was thoroughly entertained. Plus, hot dudes.

Ben T (ag) wrote: I saw the broadway version of Newsies in NYC and thought it was a really good and really fun musical. As for the movie, well, I liked the show better but it wasn't bad at all. It was interesting to see Christian Bale act at a young age and it had some great scenes.