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Chok-Dee torrent reviews

stephen e (es) wrote: You have got to be kidding me? 47% liked it? who are the other 53%? Aliens? Lobotomised Chelsea fans??? This film is so simple. It shows that all you need is a cracking script and good acting. No fancy effects, plot twists, or other tricks. Just let the actors tell a story. Nothing much happens, but what does happen grabs you, if you're prepared to be grabbed. If this was made by Besson, del Toro or Almodovar, it would be everyones wet dream, but not better. Really dont see how anyone could not love this...Did I mention Rosario Dawson takes her knickers off in it too?

DJ J (ag) wrote: This is a violent slasher... so be warned, if you are not into slice and dice gore and guts, then you may want to proceed with caution. This movie will definitely make it to many of my "Most Disturbing" movie lists. Some people will definitely not like Sick Girl because of the poor/complicated plot, sinceless murder, bad acting, rape, kids killing kids, peeing on nuns, torture and body dismemberment. With that said, on the other hand, some of these things might be the exact reason some people may actually want to watch and like this movie. So if all of that sounds interesting to you, then by all means, live it up and add it to your queue, but anyone who might not be into violent slashers should probably pass on this one. That's just my humble opinion.

Chris D (br) wrote: we own the first "dragonheart", but i've never heard of ths one.

Jola S (ru) wrote: the funniest french film i've ever seen!

Anne P (kr) wrote: I watched this movie again last night on Netflix Watch It Now. I have seen this movie at least 4 times and it still holds up, though the wardrobe is seriously dated! Ugh, the 80s. Anyway, I love Peter Riegert in this movie. Way smarter and more interesting than a lot of the romantic comedies out these days, and Amy Irving is so beautiful.

Campbell P (au) wrote: This is one of the darkest and surprising teen dramedies you'll ever see. Not only is Heathers really different than the average teen movie, it's one of the best. This twisted tale takes place at a high school that's practically ruled by the Heathers, a group of girls of the same name that make geeks and burnouts a laughing stock. Veronica (Winona Ryder) hates being associated with these people and decides to team up with a mysterious, yet intriguing guy named J.D. to "handle" her problem. As I said this film really is darker than the average teen flick and it really works a lot. This film is a really great genre bender and blender since this really can be a light horror movie at times while retaining its high school attitude. The acting is commendable with good performances by Winona Ryder and Christian Slater who have really good onscreen chemistry. Their onscreen conversations and interactions is haunting yet so fun that I couldn't help but love it. This film uses its darkness to its advantage and makes really funny dark comedy and was really funny actually. The best parts about Heathers is that it has a really sinister sort of twist and the way it unravels in the end is awesome and super suspenseful. The second thing is that I felt emotion towards the character of Veronica and what she faced in school. The scene where they attend the second funeral and the girl looks back at her crying is a great scene because she finally realizes that she really messed up and is ruining others in the process. The ending of this film was something I didn't expect and surprised me of how far the script writers went in terms of limits and they really pushed what looked like an average comedy to some limits. Heathers is fantastic because of its originality, great script, and great characters. A-

King L (kr) wrote: This movie features wrestling star Roddy Piper who just died recently. The only other movie I have seen him in was They Live which was a really good movie, much better than this one. This movie was simply awful.

Lisa R (nl) wrote: No emotions spared here. I laughed and cried and identified with Annie and her family. Important film that addresses one of the most important discoveries of our time. Samantha Morton who portrays Annie Parker is genuine and believable as all American girl who refuses to accept her fate in a family targeted by cancer. Aaron Paul plays Annie's husband and provides some lightheartedness as well as some anguish to this story. I would like to have seen more character development of Dr. Mary-Claire King , played by Helen Hunt but all in all this movie is a good see for most everyone. Some sexual explicitness leaves me thinking that anyone under age 16 should not view this film.

Nikki D (ru) wrote: Cool plot, horrible movie. Even worse ending. Both the fake end and the twist were predictable. Anyone into these types of thriller horror movies can spot this right off the bat. If done correctly, this film could have been pretty decent. It's a shame that's not a reality.

John R (fr) wrote: Even though it's predictable as hell, this road trip comedy is still worth a laugh or two.