Cholera Street

Cholera Street

The film is set in a rundown, crime ridden neighborhood of Istanbul dubbed "Cholera Street" (Kolera Sokağı). Salih is a mechanic and son of a respected barber Ali. A woman Tina arrives at Cholera street where she takes up residence and works as a prostitute. Deniz is a ganster who gives himself the nickname "Reiss" ("Chief"), tries to take control of the neighbourhood through intidimation.

A young car mechanic, while in the middle of an unlikely love affair, tries to protect the people in his poor neighborhood from a gangster who terrorizes the locals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas P (jp) wrote: A character study and an indictment on social media dating - ppl can hide in someone else's pictures or in pics from "a few years ago."Tense, gripping, a real life mystery rolled out in front of you - who are you talking to when you converse online?What if you tracked them down?You hear about this on the news it seems constantly, and this is the movie that sparked it, and had an mtv show developed out of it.Generally family friendly except for the brief pg-13 discussion of an intimate sexual convo by text that gets a bit graphic.Upon afterthot, you wonder how it came together so perfectly for this film, but the film rings true and either way is still a worthy topic to discuss and investigate.This is an education.Don't miss it.5 out of 5 great catches

Mark A (ru) wrote: This proved to be somewhat formulaic, and yet, something about the way Kim Cattrall played the titular character evoked a boatload of sympathy. Young Dustin Ingram, as Tobe, reminded this viewer of Michael Cera, but without the annoying mannerisms. The supporting cast held their own and did admirably well, with Brian Dennehy being the most recognizable name. Without the talents of Miss Cattrall, this could have been awful. Her presence lifted an otherwise pedestrian tale and made it very watchable indeed.

Nilesh J (kr) wrote: Surprisingly funny and refreshing. Animation quality is fantastic and characters likeable and well developed. I liked the rare, non-mythological Indian touch for these kind of movies - which made sure that it was not a dubbed version of movie elsewhere. May be Hollywood can do something better while sleepwalking but this one definitely has all it takes to make a very good animation movie, even if it is not the cutting edge.

Christopher N (gb) wrote: Glossy romance-novel treatment of the childrens author's early life. Renee Zellweger, Emily Watson, and Ewan McGregor have little to do but look endearingly sweet in shot after shot. Slick picture postcard photography backed by a soaring filmscore attempts to make a very little story a very big story. The supporting characters act like walking plot points rather than real people. I felt I knew Beatrix Potter better after ten minutes with the encyclopedia than I did after an hour and a half with this chocolate eclair cooked up out of a great woman's life.

Sofia B (de) wrote: Take animation and fights from any of the Tekken games, mix it with the tiniest two Japanese boys you can find and one helluva badly thought through script. Stir. Serve with popcorn. Make sure to include friends because they're the only fun you'll have. Ahem. Just don't see it.

Alvin John C (ru) wrote: Bought this movie without having seen it first because it featured our late great Chicago native Bernie Mac and I wasn't disappointed. Mac is great and, of course, Terrance Howard is in it too as the main character and Howard is also a Chicago native. Together these two actors help tell the story of Jim Ellis who stands out as one of those rare community leaders who builds and inspires youth in spite of the racial and economic challenges they face in life. Jim Ellis is a hero, and we need to know more about people like him.The life of a great American makes for a great script and if I were to criticize this film for anything, it would be the soundtrack. It features a song at the end that is perhaps too African native a sound to fit the rest of the film. After all, the story is an American story and many distinctly American genres are the product of Black American artists anyway. That's just my opinion and you are free to argue.Favorite quotes: "You just got beat by Captain Panties.""Pride. Determination. Resilience." -- Jim Ellis' motto.

Christian H (au) wrote: Loistavaa kotimaista komiikkaa. Suosalo esitt kirjaliljaa joka haluaa julkisuutta kirjoilleen keinolla mill hyvns. Hn lyt uudeksi inspiraatiokseen autot ja lyt unelmien unelmien autonsa mutta auton saaminen ei olekkaan niin helppa kun Hn kuvittelee. Lopun takaa-ajo kohtaus on Suomen mittakaavassa todella loistava jonka kruunaa Sveholmin klassiko poliisi -hahmo "Onko sinulla korttia nytt.....? "Ei nyt sattunut tulemaan mukaan" "Noh, noh, eihn sit kortilla ajetakkaan"

Levonne P (es) wrote: Tales of knights, and damsels...boy...I love it, and again, Connery makes it the best!

Andy W (br) wrote: Hilariously camp and fun comic book adaptation. View count so far: 3

Sam S (ru) wrote: When I belt songs in the shower...there's usually one or two from this film involved.

Jeremy D (us) wrote: This is a TV film... and it is much better than Psycho III. This wonderful prequel/sequel has Norman Bates' digging into his psyche and past as he slowly realizes his wife's baby could be just as evil as himself. Thank god not directed by Perkins, Perkins' last performance as Bates was wonderful. I honestly recommend this film to anyone who enjoyed "Psycho" and "Psycho II". Rating: 4/5