Fiona Wagner, a journalism student, tracks a cold-blooded killer with the help of her detective father and a therapist.

A young girl wakes up at night to find her parents and must witness a terrible circumstance. She only has 60 seconds to choose which of the parents should die. Everything becomes a nightmare. Why does the criminal choose her family? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kavusigan S (ca) wrote: Nice comedy pass fromEveryone happy pongal to all

Daniel S (nl) wrote: While nothing that new (unpopular kid starts hanging out with rebel kid who makes him more brave and confident) but its still done well, wysocki is good, doesnt overplay it, oleary may at first seem like a prick, even tho hes helping troy, he still ditches him and steals from him and does drugs, but then i thought that its good that they show that the saving grace or savior to troy isnt perfect, and needs help from him just as much as the other way around, the real standout tho is billy campbell as the dad, hes such a good character, strict but fair, and also compassionate, he never made any stupid decisions, he was def my favorite character, ill be interested to see if matthew lillard directs anything else

Logan M (fr) wrote: Packing profound humor and heart with sucker punch delivery, "Hesher" succeeds at the impossible; it makes Joseph Gordon-Levitt unlikable, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Jeff B (ca) wrote: A bit better than expected. Luke Wilson's always good, Andy Dick was great, and Jessica Simpson surprisingly not annoying. The karaoke scene was pretty damn funny too.

Barry B (jp) wrote: Mismatched cops Jalal Merhi and Billy Blanks go undercover as the bodyguards of crime boss James Hong to infiltrate his organisation. Mathias Hues, star of numerous B movies, appears as Hong's suspicious right hand man. Think Enter The Dragon only low budget. Some good fight sequences though.

Jen G (gb) wrote: Creepy, I liked it a lot!

Russell H (jp) wrote: Again, on the long side but no longer than the others. There are some nice explosions of oil trucks and some gruesome deaths. Not terrible.

James C (es) wrote: After the heavy-handed Brechtian devices of a number of his early films, Fassbinder really begins to get going in this made-for-TV piece about a couple of working class men who share a boyhood dream to search for treasure in Rio das Mortes in Peru. The dream they share is a typical storytelling "call to adventure" and the film delineates their deadbeat and usually hopeless attempts to raise the money for the venture - their economic situation is too hopeless for them to save, selling their possessions and cashing in their inheritances doesn't add up to much and attempts to finance the trip as a business venture and a research expedition fail due to their hopeless inabilities. But luck arrives in the form of a widow with more money than sense, who stumps up the finance and so off they go. What we've seen of them doesn't inspire much hope for their adventure...All the while, their male story is ironically counterpointed with the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the live-in girlfriend of one of the men, played by the extraordinary Hanna Schygulla. She goes to college and takes part in a feminist theatre-piece (the conclusion of which is "women's own behaviour is the best evidence of their oppression") but learns little, as she dreams of placating her nagging mother by marrying and having lots of kids. All of that is made nonsense of by the dream-journey of the men, which she almost kiboshes by nearly shooting them at the end, a quirk of fate saving them.Fassbinder, to my mind for the first time successfully, moulds his early obsession with the homo-social exclusion of the female in male friendships into a contemporary melodrama of some verve and wit. His story, a classic "quest myth", is ironically set in a society seething with casual misogyny, violence, class contempt, economic want and ignorance. Gritty realism is used to undermine the high-falutin dreams of the men, but the film suggests that lucky twists of fate might save a dream - all Fassbinder leaves men with is faith in turns of a friendly card; all he leaves women with is incompatible hopes of settling down with their menfolk, who shaped the patriarchal world in which they're subservient to ideals to which men's inmost dreams are opposed.

Hannah J (ru) wrote: This movie is so silly but I can't help but love it. And there are some really striking scenes, Lisa with the statue and David with the clocks for one ... anyway watch it if you can get your hands on it.

Wesley W (mx) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie and it ended up being a guilty pleasure for me. Not as bad as critics say it is.

Grant T (us) wrote: Based off of the French play, Carnage is a hoot! It is quite exhausting to be a part of the 80 minute long argument that keeps going on, but some of the dialogue was excellent. I also loved how the political correctness of the parents collapsed, a little thing society might want to take into account. Each cast member was excellent, which was necessary for a film like this

mark v (us) wrote: Sweet comedy. Di Nero is surprisingly amusing as an older guy looking for purpose surrounded by technology and millenniums.