Chor Police

Chor Police

Inspector Sunil Rana thwarts a hijacking, but instead of earning praise, he ends up suspended from the force. Depressed about the unchecked corruption in the police department, Rana seeks solace in a bottle. But when his best friend in the department is murdered, he realizes he must stand up for what is right. He may be suspended, but Rana has still sworn to uphold the law.

Inspector Sunil Rana (Shatrughan Sinha) has been assigned the case of triple-homicide of the Sinha family, namely Mr. Sinha (Ashok Kumar); his son Inspector Rohan (Vinod Mehra), and Rohan's... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (mx) wrote: This is actually a remake of a french film idea of the 60s. A guy is slow mowing into a car crash and review all his life in a second. This is more slow and ghost-whispery but same idea. I found it nice and lovely exercise of a film. Could not guess where it was going, which was nowhere in particular!

Sandra O (ca) wrote: A little bit too Swedish for me... Like the movie 'Baba's bilar'...

Ryan J (nl) wrote: Not serious enough to be good horror, not funny enough to be good comedy. Basically an idiot's Shaun of the Dead

Ryan T (fr) wrote: While it's clear the poor direction from director George Lucas often results in poor acting, story telling, and a general uneveness to the film. Revenge of the Sith boasts some of the franchises most memorable moments. With the prequal trilogy brought to climatic an end on a shaky but very potent high note, with the lows far outwieghted by the series entries most spectacular highs in the franchise.

Drew S (br) wrote: Jesus' Son does great things with its titular character, the mysteriously unnamed Fuckhead. He is immensely likable - check out that winning smile and the off-kilter, observant humor - but his behavior is reprehensible. He is an idiot, but the kind of idiot who you're so close to that you want to help them rather than condemn them. The movie plays with your feelings toward FH, engaging you in a rollercoaster of frustration and pride. And when he gets hurt, it's like a punch to the gut. Billy Crudup's performance, in this way, is really remarkable. He oozes charisma and fun and gentle idiocy to the point where this film becomes a vignette in the life of that crackhead idiot you love to talk to at parties.Also notable is Samantha Morton, in a stunning, indelible performance brimming with risk. Michelle is a completely ugly character, but Morton sells her appeal against all odds.

Deanna M (br) wrote: best movie ive ever seen. its really messed up, but it really good at the same time. my favorite movie so far.

Masnoraffis M (au) wrote: this is actually one of my better lliked movies that isn't well-known. the plot is actually quite good. it's nothing award-worthy but still i love to pop this once in a while to see it again.

Michael A (us) wrote: Fantastic made for tv movie about the infamous Confederate prison.

Kelly B (nl) wrote: Being a big fan of Robert Benton, and Jeff Bridges- I was hoping for the best. In the end the story is nothing, wholly original, however it's executed fairly well. Worth watching for Jeff Bridges fans, yet is easily forgettable. - 2 stars

Andrew M (ru) wrote: Before becoming one of the most influential sci-fi authors of the 20th century, Michael Crichton takes a brief stop in the director's chair to helm Westworld, a sci-fi western that is, unfortunately, as dry as the dirt that makes up the titular theme park of the future. The concept itself, dealing with the concept of technology surpassing humanity and the consequences that come with that idea, is fascinating, but Crichton's approach is rooted too much in the technological aspects and not enough in the morality or humanistic elements. The whole second act brings the promising start to a screeching halt as the scientists behind Westworld dwell on the collapse that's unfolding before their eyes, but never in a manner that embraces this moral dilemma. Instead, after being treated to this dry technical talk, we're thrown back into Westworld itself and the two bland lead characters the story follows. These two are equally disappointing, with no defining character traits outside of one being familiar with Westworld's operation and one being nervous due to his lack of experience in the park. What could be the emotional core of this story are instead two characters with nothing to relate to and properly immerse ourselves in their story, who eventually just become the potential fodder for the third act. That said, it's that final act that is essentially the saving grace of Westworld. Yul Brynner takes over the show as one of the park's "attractions," a gunslinger that guests can kill in a duel as they please; of course, with the park's maintenance troubles, this Gunslinger is now on the loose and prepared to kill any in his path. He at least makes for a compelling physical villain that the moral dilemma couldn't accomplish itself, and Brynner's dead stare and resilience is actually quite unnerving. It's just a shame that such a cerebral concept is wasted on a campy cat-and-mouse thriller for an ending.

Daniel S (jp) wrote: My goodness. The first Boetticher movie I've seen and it definitely won't be the last. The scene in the wagon is brilliant.

Johnathon W (jp) wrote: Classic western that, while not historical accurate, holds up as one of the best ever made. Henry Fonda gives one of his many iconic lead performances playing Wyatt Earp as a simple but determined man who gets what he wants, whether it be shave or justice. He's complimented very well by Victor Mature as Doc Holiday, who while doesn't look like someone stricken with tuberculous, captures his tragic demeanor. Behind the camera, John Ford crafts another Western classic (has anyone ever mastered the genre as much as this director?), once again making beautiful use of Monument Valley while crafting a simple story with a dark current (this was the first film he & many of the actors made after serving in WWII). On the surface, this seems like a straight-forward story of good vs. evil but not as clean cut, as not every hero survives. One of the finest Westerns ever made, if a very fictional one.

Deena D (mx) wrote: Denzel! Nothing more to be said!

Logan T (ca) wrote: A poor villain aside,First Contact is easily the best Next Gen movie,and I'd recommend it for fans and newcomers alike of Star Trek

Hayden L (ca) wrote: A dark and brooding film captures the essence of Mosley's novels, washington is amazing as the Ezekiel Rawlins and Tom Sizemore is disturbing as the sadistic Albright. Extremely well crafted and executed. With a great sense of humor to boot, it is fantastic.