Choron Ki Baaraat

Choron Ki Baaraat

Film starring Shatrughan Sinha, Neetu Singh and Ajit

Anju lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, Dhanraj, on a privately owned island. She studies in a hostel, plays on the football team, but is known for getting into fights with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Choron Ki Baaraat torrent reviews

Joseph K (us) wrote: Awesome. What an excellent movie. I was thinking that this would be just another cliche drama movie where old lady becomes young suddenly. Boy was i wrong... The story carries so much heart and the acting was just phenomenal. The lead actor, Shim Eunkyung ???, is so so good... I hope she also sang her own songs. Perfect family movie. Bravo...!

Henry w (ru) wrote: School dance full movie

bryan w (gb) wrote: To tell you the truth, I picked this movie up for $4.99 buy one get one free...... and this was the free one. I picked it up b/c of the cast, and I had absolutely no idea what the movie was about.What can I say.... I loved it. Great all around movie.

David Ray G (de) wrote: It could have been miles better but its poor deliverance unfortunately fails its brilliant scenario. Excellent performances, well-elaborated script, wonderful soundtrack, easy flow. Great ending, too, but unfortunately the cons outweigh the pros.

Rhona R (us) wrote: its slow moving movie but its not a bad one it makes a change to watch a recent movie without any flashy special effects kinda updated version on the original exorcist but without the headspin

Jared F (br) wrote: this movie had it scary moments. but Asia needs to come up with more scary characters besides ones who look like the girl/boy/cat grudge one.

Private U (es) wrote: watched on telly. the project and the conductor's passion are great. But looked like 70's, good or bad?

Kristine B (ru) wrote: this wuz retarted.. 1 n 3 were better

DC F (au) wrote: Cheap and sleazy remake, but one I have to keep watching. It has good deaths and Robert Englund steals every scene he's in!

Danielle K (ca) wrote: I have never seen the cartoon version

Connor F (ca) wrote: If there's one thing in life I have a weakness for, it's the effortless charm of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

Marisa R (br) wrote: Madhuri was excellent, beautiful, truthfull, gracious... but I just don't buy Shahrukh's overacting! He sucks big time, and he has played soo many psychos, that watching another one (this one is extreme, I warn you, people who do that in real life go to jail or to mental institutions) was not as pleasant. I endure it all for Madhuri!

Daniel M (kr) wrote: great movie. a bit scary when you see it as a kid. i would love it if they would rerelease this one on dvd.

Jackson S (jp) wrote: Probably the scariest opening in movie history. Glenn Ford and Lee Remick kick ass, as usual...

Adrian B (es) wrote: Unspectacular western, set after the American Civil War, of which shows an army of soldiers (led by Henry Fonda and John Wayne) trying a battle for land against the Indians. In addition, a younger lieutenant (John Egar) is being swooned by a country girl (Shirley Temple, in one of her last roles and the first film I have watched contained her as a cast member). The scenery is nice and the concluding battle scene is good, but the film is too long, too sentimental, does not contain great dialogue, and is not all that memorable. The whole cast tries its best, but it just work as well as should have. That same, John Wayne is the great western of "Red River," which is one of the best films of 1948. This does even come to close it's beauty. What a shame, especially considering who the players are! Also that same year, Wayne is in another western called "3 Godfathers," which I have yet to see.

Hannah D (nl) wrote: Are movies like this really necessary?