Chot [Aaj Isko, Kal Tereko]

Chot [Aaj Isko, Kal Tereko]

Corrupt Mumbai policeman aids local property developer to force two brothers who own a dairy farm off their land.

Corrupt Mumbai policeman aids local property developer to force two brothers who own a dairy farm off their land. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chot [Aaj Isko, Kal Tereko] torrent reviews

K R (ru) wrote: Excellent movie. If you were ever an infantryman, you'd know why.

Daniel W (es) wrote: A ordinary detective story with lurking darkness beneath all the light-hearted humor and mystery multiplied by the exotic textures. A fine turn from the hyped summer blockbusters, "The Detective 2" does not play out well, with an unpolished feeling from lagging pace right from the middle. Suspence is lost from the usual twists and turns until you are lost and bored amidst tropical Thailand.

Allie H (kr) wrote: not as good as the book, but still an enjoyable movie. the scenery was beautiful.

Konrad A (jp) wrote: Just not my favorite show at all. But could be right for kids

Ethan B (de) wrote: The movie that made us know Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn will surely not disappoint. It's humor is unique to the two leads, and is organic in the sense that it hits home for them. They believe what's happening because they lived it.Written by Favreau and loosely based on he and Vaughn's life and friendship, Swingers is about a group of struggling actors who are involved in the '90s Hollywood swing revival. It follows Mike (Favreau), a New York native who can't get over his ex-girlfriend. But his friends, most notably Trent (Vaughn), try getting him out of his depression by forcing him back out onto the playing field.Both leads are fantastic. Vaughn wows the audience with his unique brand of fast-talking humor. And Favreau is so convincing as a wallowing sad sack that you genuinely feel bad for the guy.The scene towards the beginning where the pair of friends go to Las Vegas sets the tone for the entire movie. It establishes a style that is vehemently consistent throughout.Swingers has everything that will make you want to drive to Los Angeles and Las Vegas right this second. It ties together the glitz and glamour of both cities, seamlessly connecting the two. But I think what captures the neon vibe of the film's locations is the juxtaposition of failing to make it. This failure, of course, isn't stressed. It's still opportunity. It's optimism.Neither Mike nor Trent have had much success in the industry, but Trent is still having the time of his life, while Mike's only reason to be down on himself is his breakup. The film paints a perfect portrait of confident mediocrity, and being complacent with it.The story's exposition takes its time, but in a perfect way. Every scene has a sincere purpose and contributes to establishing the depth of its characters. But it's beyond just the characters. A movie is refreshingly good if even the circumstances have depth. In fact, that's when it's great.Twizard Rating: 97

Christine R (it) wrote: what sad and sweet movie ..

Dan O (de) wrote: Gets pretty freakin' nutty by the end, but always stays tense and unpredictable. Surprisingly good performance from Gere as well.

Cody W (kr) wrote: I love this movie. Very different and makes you think about your life. I seriously think everyone should watch this movie at least once.

alex f (kr) wrote: fantastic!... great out of this world 80's story line with some great one liners... also thought the younger brother character was the cherry on top."Linda, you're a nut."

Greg W (kr) wrote: slow and not that interesting

Eric H (es) wrote: I wonder why they no longer make such movies. This story had everything, humour, cast, dialogues, emotions, and above all simplicity. Truly, how faith can overcome anything! Now I know why Elizabeth Taylor was so famous. Mrs. Brown character is wonderful, if I've to remember this movie for anything, that would be her dialogues and learnings. Quite deep and old age wisdom. I thought I am a learned person, but she taught be many things. Mi Brown eventually goes, because until we leave there is no coming back! (as he says). The dialogues of the whole movie are quotable, didn't find the same with other movies. The photography is wonderful, Ireland is beautiful and the movie portrays the beauty well. "The Pie" made me start loving horses, may be one day I own one... I'll remember this movie for long..

Fabian Alexander B (ca) wrote: I think its a good Movie, and the actors are amazing... The baby scene is just to painfull to watch..

Mike Z (fr) wrote: 10 years ago was it was a bomb :)

Underrated Movie R (es) wrote: Very good. I'm not a dog person but never the less, it's a classic. A little more for the kids than older kids and adults tho.

Avid C (br) wrote: Slums of Beverly Hills is cooky and touching.The good. Interesting story with a number of surprising twists. Well paced scenario. Nice acting. Funny with a touch of drama. On a totally different vibe from most other productions.The actors. Natasha Lyonne uses her rebellious nature to great effect. Alan Arkin plays the dysfunctional father just right. Marisa Tomei is sweet and totally perfect as the problematic child.The bad. The secondary characters, like the brothers, could have used a little bit more depth. The editing is a bit awkward when it comes to breasts shots, obviously done so they could use body doubles, no subtlety.The ugly. Nothing.The result. An offbeat film that is great for those who like the genre, but would probably be disappointing to the masses.

Pete A (br) wrote: Great to see an action flick with an unconventional main character. Full of suspense and snappy dialogue.

NEEECK T (nl) wrote: Well, it is just Shakespeare's Hamlet with Lions. I just can't give it a lower grade than this.

Hugo G (it) wrote: Excellent performance by Kate Beckinsale as well as a very intriguing story about different type of battles.

Shantel D (ag) wrote: Matthew Gray Grubler is adorably hilarious in this movie. Pair him with Kat Dennings and throw in a tiny smidge of John Waters and I'm sold! Suburban Gothic is fun and super campy, it's one of the good ones.

Johnathan Z (us) wrote: Step inside the decedent, narcissistic self-absorbed world of Hollywood. I recommend a lobotomy before viewing in order to fully appreciate this film.