Chowki No.11

Chowki No.11


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Chowki No.11 1978 full movies, Chowki No.11 torrents movie

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Chowki No.11 torrent reviews

Mark F (ag) wrote: This is a pretty good caper. It's based on a comic book apparently so it's outlandish and over the top, but it's fun with it. I didn't like the lounge music all the way through, that's really my only main gripe with it. Other than that, it moves along at a good nip, lots of interesting and different locations, quite funny in parts. There were a couple of nice twists that, while I saw them coming, I was happy when they came. Yeah, not bad at all. I'll have to go watch the sequel now.

Moni K (gb) wrote: Indeed disturbing story but very important one. It could happend anywhere but it shows also that goodness always win and among bad people they are always good ones

rach d (au) wrote: This movie reminds me of my grandma!!!

Matthew P (it) wrote: Breast Men is completely pointless, but it has some laughs to keep it alive.

Ricardo R (es) wrote: This is a very funny, yet sad movie that has great character development, storytelling, music, and dialogue. It makes me anxious to see the rest of Almodvar's work. Like Roger Ebert says, this is a "Two Thumbs Up" movie. Go out and rent it.

Rodney E (us) wrote: Make no mistake that Wishmaster isn't a very good horror movie but it has pretty good makeup effects and that can actually almost make something not suck.

Scott M (nl) wrote: Some great performances smooth over some of the rougher story parts. Julian Beck gets extra credit for his creepy performance.

Alex S (kr) wrote: Fun action film starring John Wayne.

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: "there'll always be an england! the sun'll never set on the british empire!" rah, rah, blah, blah. patriotic p.r. for the WWll generation. james mason in an uncredited cameo.

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Jamie C (fr) wrote: Another sequel we never asked for but here it is and if I'm honest it's better than the first, It feels bigger and more expensive, More action and stunts that were pretty good, There are allot of chuckles but not enough loud laughs, Most of the jokes have been done before but there were some nice clever chase scenes, A funny funny scene with a helicopter, Rowan Atkinson plays his part well, It's the 007 spoof for adults just like Austin Powers is the 007 spoof for teens.