Chowkidar in English is "watchman" or in looser terms, custodian of village security.......... Rural India in the 'seventies still had a dynamic that traces its roots to hereditary large ...

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  • Release:1974
  • Language:Hindi
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Chowkidar in English is "watchman" or in looser terms, custodian of village security.......... Rural India in the 'seventies still had a dynamic that traces its roots to hereditary large ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith M (br) wrote: I can spend thirty minutes at a time stumbling through the scavenger hunt called Netflix. I chanced upon this film. I am hoping that it is well-rooted in historic accuracy. It is a lovely movie, posing raw discovery against traditional religion as well as "scientists" who refuse to consider the possibility of a larger world view. The movie centers around a pleasant family relationship, with the daughter being the key to the secrets of the cave, with her spiritual visions and experiences. While it's a little slow at times, the landscapes, furnishings and clothing of 17th century Spain are arresting. Watch it!

Felipe P (jp) wrote: O filme interessante e consegue se diferenciar de filmes como Front of Class e Freedom Writers, que contam histrias relativamente parecidas em algum grau. O elenco jovem muito bom e a Emily mostra mais um vez que o talento dela no s para Amanda Clark.

Silvio E (kr) wrote: ok story hard to follow because of accents and low talking.

Lauren W (ru) wrote: This is a quiet little movie. I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I came into it so I think it would improve with a second viewing. It follows a group of people through a day of turbulence and ends, if not happily, at least hopefully. There were some pretty interesting songs thrown in there too.

Omar L (nl) wrote: A romantic comedy should have romance and comedy, and this movie has neither. I honestly cannot fathom how anyone in their right mind would consciously own this movie to watch again and again. Even though I think Ralph Fiennes is miscast, I don't think there is an actor out there who could have convincing chemistry with Jennifer Lopez. This is one of those movies that is so bad it's bad, because there is absolutely nothing in this movie that is remotely enjoyable, even from an ironic point of view. I mean, the movie begins with a stunted defense of RICHARD NIXON. Really?!

Lanning (es) wrote: Not a darling of the critics, Picnic has suffered from robust shellackings by popular voices such as the renowned Roger Ebert -- with whom I seem to disagree about 95% of the time -- man, do I miss Gene Siskel. Ebert, the anti-Picnic cheerleader -- runs down this film as clunky, awkwardly written, poorly directed, and utterly non-self-aware. When RE doesn't like a film, he does not hold back. In truth, as I ruminate over what all is eating Roger Ebert, it seems to me that he is most irate about Holden and Novak being attracted to each other for surface reasons, for their physical attributes rather than their intellectual capabilities. Roger finds it ironic that Novak plainly states her desire to be seen as more than just a good-looking woman, when in fact that is the very essential and singular attraction for Holden. Roger, guess what? This could very possibly be a statement about 50s' middle-American values, a rich rendering, I'm thinking, of the way the writers perceive an awkward decade, full of stilted dialog disguising sexual tensions bubbling below the surface. If only we could all say what we really mean, really want, really desire so deeply -- hey, then the stuffy 50s might erupt into a decade of revolutionary thought and action -- hmmmmm, kind of like the 60s, huh Roger? On another note, Rosalind Russell is yet another fine actor who never gave a bad performance and never won an Academy Award. She could have certainly won for Best Supporting Actress with this depressingly desperate performance.

Michael W (ru) wrote: Burned-out drug enforcement agent moves back home, only to find drug dealers have taken over his old neighbourhood. That is going to be a problem. A bone-crunching film in which Jimmy Cliff appears all too briefly.

Dan C (mx) wrote: The monsters are imaginatively creepy, but they could have found a better actor to play the mad professor. Reminiscent of "Forbidden Planet" and the monster of the id.

Scott S (nl) wrote: Lame rating was much better than that I'v seen it 3 or 4 times

Tony C (it) wrote: Really good film watching ryan Philippe makes me think it's Justin timberlake

Byron B (gb) wrote: I have yet to see Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar, but after reading about that movie and other gangster films in the book We're in the Money: Depression American and Its Films, I can see where this pic gets its rise and fall storyline, its style, and its title.The acting is fairly solid. The low budget is evident occasionally, but not too often. I liked the family drama involved. The fact that this gangster Tommy Gibbs (Williamson) has a mother and father who seem like real people and who appear in more than one throw-away scene was a pleasant surprise. The fact that Tommy stumbles around after being shot for as long as he does was too ridiculous.