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Edward C (es) wrote: Any description of the plot wouldn't do justice to its dreamlike absurdity. I once read a piece by Nick Hornby in which he described reading a particular Russian novel in translation as trying to listen to a radio caught between stations. I suspect that Alps has degrees of context that only a native Greek might appreciate. Still, it has power, I think, for anyone. It deals, however obliquely, with death, grief, sexual longing, ambition, and the desire to find a place in the world.

Eunice C (au) wrote: The directors, photographer and actors/actresses of some of my favourite movies were interviewed, sharing what they think film/cinema/movie is/can be/should be...

Shane J (br) wrote: When the best acting is from bob sapp you gotta be concerned!! Dreadful idea for a movie that questions my sanity of why i would even watch such garbage?? Its just not funny and every one apart from sapp as the frankensteins monster is so unlikable.

emily h (nl) wrote: such a guy movieee, not that great

Trey B (br) wrote: Bruce Willis delivers a fine lesson in voice acting along with a talented cast. Over the Hedge is a film with a little something for everyone.

Troy L (jp) wrote: This is honestly the worst film i have ever seen. I always talk about this film to people and tell them to see it if they want to see the worst movie ever made. For some reason it's not letting me give it a 0 so i have to give it 10. weird.

David S (it) wrote: Sexy and Humour are two factors that are well mixed together in this film.

Sui G (us) wrote: Oh my gosh. Michael Vartan is sooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!! I loved this movie! It's so cute. The end is so perfect!

Camilo G (gb) wrote: This is one of the best comedy movies EVER. I haven't seen anything like it in 10 years.

Luc L (fr) wrote: A mindless teen comedy.

Mariano C (br) wrote: No est mal. Es la tpica peli basada fielmente en hechos histricos. Como siempre los tejemanejes de la monarqua britnica dan para pelculas ms que interesantes.

Sandy K (es) wrote: Based on the true story Jimmy Gralton returning from 10 years exile in New York to his Irish village in 1932. His return ushers in the reopening of a small community hall where locals can take classes, discuss issues of the day, and dance. It is a symbol of freedom that tests the uneasy peace from the recent Civil War. The local landowners and Catholic priest regard him as a communist and threat, particularly when he confronts their hypocrisy; whereas much of the community - particularly the younger generation trapped by lack of opportunities in the Depression - see hope and joy in what Jimmy and his friends are offering. But to remain true to his calling to advocate for people long downtrodden by the rich and powerful, Jimmy must make sacrifices, just as he did 10 years earlier when his exile meant leaving behind the woman he loved. The ending is tragic, yet the reaction of the local youths offers hope for a future that is fairer minded; and even the old priest appears to have a slight change of heart.