• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Christiania 1976 full movies, Christiania torrents movie

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Christiania torrent reviews

Tony L (de) wrote: To be blunt, this is an outstanding movie and how McDonald's came to be; was our star a hero or a manipulative a**h***? You decide!

Deidra R (it) wrote: A beautiful film with a nice plot. I reccomend this film to anyone who loves movies based on music and Christianity. I love AJ Michalka and her voice. Glad my brother bought me this movie poster from the theatre 8)

Kristin R (us) wrote: There's an emotional build to this film that doesn't fully unfold until the credits roll. So raw that it feels hard to watch at times, but the authenticity, moments of love, hope and humor kept me invested. Beautifully shot, leaves a lingering melancholy

Pedro B (it) wrote: Um autentico soco no estmago devido veracidade do contexto do filme e do holocausto da WWII.

Musharraf A (de) wrote: Work of a genius called Dibakar Banerjee.....exceeds himself with every movie....This one is raw (1st ever digital footage experiment in India), explosive, ugly but yet so real....Fab!

Dany L (mx) wrote: a good spanish horrer/thriller flick

Dick B (de) wrote: This was the best movie ever made. Watching this movie could cure cancer. A mans penis and a woman breasts will grow 3 inches from seeing this masterpiece.

Richard D (de) wrote: Here's a film that rates just a little bit lower every time I see it. In many ways it's a decent genre exercise. A clear work-for-hire for Lee, but he clearly takes the assignment seriously and adds a lot of interesting touches to what could be generic fodder, and attracts a fine cast in the process. What he can't really fix though is a screenplay that needed more work. It has a good set up and at least one decent twist, but it drags it's feet during the middle hour and introduces entire characters (Jodie Foster) that are nothing but pointless red herrings. In the end, I can't buy a critical plot point that without spoiling anything, involves my needing to believe that Christopher Plummer is at least 20 years older than he clearly is, and would still be the active chairman of a major bank even if he was.

William B (kr) wrote: Upsetting. My head is literally hurting from having been so thoroughly disturbed.I wish I had known what I was getting myself into, but I had rented it simply for Eddie Redmayne, without having read anything else about it. It's "Psycho" meets "Remains of the Day". You think you're getting a tour through the lifestyles of the rich & famous, only to find yourself at the Bates Motel.This film *is* for those of you who like elegantly filmed -- but morally chaotic -- movies. This film is *not* for those of you who *dislike* morally chaotic movies, beautiful or no.

Gia R (ru) wrote: Don't judge a book by it's cover

Michael K (au) wrote: This film is crap, McConaughey, Bale, Butler, and Siddig have all done much better films. This movie was a waste of these talented actors time. Their agents were chastised for letting them do this horrid piece of fecal matter I hope.

Carol Ann M (es) wrote: Another early one but also a great one.

Gabriel D (nl) wrote: It's perfectly alright, but it lacks some good "oomph" to get it moving.

Michael M (br) wrote: Olsen is great because she's always great and there a few smart bits but this is all consistently muffled by overwritten dialogue and cliched moments.

Lucas Y (ca) wrote: David O'Russell's finest work. One of the best flawed character story tellers. And although there are a lot of characters, he manages to develop the important one's with no trouble. Smart, funny, well acted and always makes me tear up at the end. Silver Linings is excellent.

Andy T (mx) wrote: Vertigo is indeed unpredictable and contains Alfred Hitchcock's iconic moments of suspense, but its reveal is rather mistimed, and thus resulting in it being one of the most overrated films ever made.