Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel

Ashley has been on her own all her life. She feels even more alone this Christmas as she searches fruitlessly for a job. The seasonal cheer around her only rubs salt in her wounds as she scrapes by to support herself and her dog, Dash. But her neighbor, Nick, knows exactly what to do. He offers her a job, to be his assistant in the best work-helping others. There's one catch that Ashley must honor though-she can't tell anyone that her new boss is a sort of Secret Santa, helping others anonymously. Through her new job, Ashley meets Will, a writer for a business magazine who uncovers what Ashley is doing, and more importantly, Nick's involvement. As Ashley and Nick help people in need, Ashley tries to protect Nick's secret, and her own heart, while Will must weigh the consequences of what he does.

Ashley has been on her own all her life. She feels even more alone this Christmas as she searches fruitlessly for a job. The seasonal cheer around her only rubs salt in her wounds as she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claudio D (au) wrote: Doce Vingana encontra fantasmas indigenas, e o resultado no bom, apenas as cenas da mulher se remendando, literalmente. hehe

Richard L (nl) wrote: Enjoyable movie made even better by a breakout performance by Sarah Snook.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: The Vamps and Tramps of Berlin--A Satisfactory Suck!!

Steven W (es) wrote: Anyone seen this? It's sounds very inspiring.

Fernando Rafael Q (kr) wrote: Even though it features some great dialogue, especially as Maru (Mara Deschamps) narrates, this darkly comic Mexican take on teen angst makes for a really dull, self-important film. I was a teenager too, not so long ago, but I really can't identify with the "issues" of the protagonists. They're not troubled souls, as the film desperately wants you to believe, they're just whiny and immature brats. Frankly, a whole movie about Romn's (Juan Pablo de Santiago) parents, played by Daniel Gimnez Cacho and Rebecca Jones, would have been much better. Their presence, along with the strikingly beautiful cinematography, are the only worthy aspects of this so-called drama. In the end, I was almost tired from rolling my eyes so much. And they criticize me for not believing in Mexican cinema...

Vlad C (mx) wrote: I sat and watched this movie with high hopes, not reading any reviews about it prior. I'm giving Pig Hunt one star only because the monster hog was not CGI. It did have decent gore but everything was dampened by the rather annoying injections of political commentary about the Iraq War. If I wanted to watch a horror movie about the Iraq War and George Bush I would have turned on the t.v to MSNBC. The only deaths in the movie that saddened me were the dog and the monster hog. Unfortunately he doesn't kill off everyone which is really how the movie should have ended. Story was all female hippie cult led by one black man growing marijuana and feeding trespassers to a freakishly large hog who's tusks look like they're made out of Costco churros. I've seen a French hog hunting movie and a Korean hog hunting movie, and both of those were much better than this pile of slop called Pig Hunt.

Karen H (ag) wrote: This review goes for Cremester 1, 2 & 3... The only movie(s) where I've actually had to leave the cinema 2/3 of the way through (except from Dr. Doolittle, but those tickets were free and the movie crap!) Cremaster just made me feel physically sick! I thought I was going to vomit! This is the kind of nightmare I get the night before I wake up with a fever, and it is how I judge whether or not I should go to work/school: (nightmare present= I'm really sick= call in sick asap!) And yet I still think of it from time to time... it fascinates me, and I HAVE to acknowledge Barney's (incidentally Bjrk's hubby!) ability to capture my nightmares on film and therefore have to recommend it... but it's NOT for the weak!

Ennis Brokeback L (ru) wrote: An awesome Conan style film. A must see for those who enjoy the swords and sorcerers genre.

stuart r (nl) wrote: Sparkling musical revamp of the Ninotchka story - with Cyd Charisse in her finest film role and Fred Astaire in the last of his great dance musicals. The music by Cole Porter is, at times, absolutely sublime with the best moments coming during the quieter numbers (such as "All of You") - Charisse singing (dubbed) and dancing with Astaire; or dancing solo - the tone is pure romance. The supporting cast provide a lot of the comedy - they include Peter Lorre and also Janis Paige (who belts out "Stereophonic Sound"). Astaire produces some dazzling dance routines, as always. Oddly it's the bigger numbers where it doesn't quite hit the heights - "Red Blues" and "Ritz Roll and Rock" - which seem to acknowledge the changing times in popular music. Astaire chose just the right moment to bow out - but he did so here on a high!

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John B (ru) wrote: It was OK, Good cast and decent Christmas story, but, didn't really enjoy it until near the end.