Christmas Bounty

Christmas Bounty

A former bounty hunter turns into an elementary schoolteacher. Determined to have a normal life and keep her bounty hunter past a secret, she reluctantly returns home for Christmas to help save the family business by catching the one bounty that got away. But when her fiancé follows her home for the holiday, she struggles to hide her wild family business and a bounty hunter ex-boyfriend she thought she'd left behind.

The film centers on Tory who is a teacher struggles with the ups and downs to keep a secret bounty hunting past. Besides, she is forced to take part in the last capture when her boyfriend visits for Christmas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay R (ag) wrote: I liked how this movie went from dark and depressing to bright and colorful all with a background of complete white....

Mohamad A (it) wrote: Film dokumenter ini bercerita tentang masalah yg dihadapi manusia di berbagai belahan dunia akibat perubahan iklim, bisa dibilang hampir seperti The Inconvenience Truth. Bagi yg ingin mengetahui tentang masalah yg sdg dihadapi tempat berpijak kita ini, this film is a must!!Sebagai film indie, film ini susah didapat di tempat biasanya film beredar, namun bisa dipinjam di Goethe-Institut.

Steven S (jp) wrote: This is one of the funnyiest Jackie Chan movies.

Vincent B (kr) wrote: ?a comment plutt bien avec son couple (T.Coogan, ravissante) attaqu par un zombie aquatique. Puis, le ral s'engouffre dans un srieux malvenu. Du 2nd degr n'aurait pas fait de mal.

Naomi P (fr) wrote: not impressed. acting was mediocre. plot was done before (many times).

Byron B (mx) wrote: This one predates the Lon Chaney Jr. version. According to the Monster by Moonlight! documentary provided on Universal's The Wolf Man Legacy Collection this script started heavily based on Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde with some of The Invisible Man mixed in to it. I can see these elements clearly. I am discovering that since the werewolf legend is not based on any single novel like the other classic Universal monsters there is no fixed mythology, though a couple ideas would be carried over from this story to Siodmak's creation. Warner Oland, most famous for playing Charlie Chan in a long string of mysteries, plays a doctor and werewolf who bites botanist Dr. Glendon (Henry Hull) early in the movie. Dr. Glendon, the botanist, somehow manages to take a specimen of a rare plant home to his laboratory in England. And Warner Oland, as Dr. Yogami, survives to follow him in hot pursuit. The two doctors have a one on one chat about the curse of werewolf-ism. Turns out the nectar of this plant is a temporary cure to prevent a man from turning into a murdering satanic beast. Too bad it is rare, the blossoms are stubborn about blooming, and there is definitely not enough to go around for two werewolves in the same part of town. Dr. Glendon's first transformation is pretty darn amazing for the year it was made especially since it is done while he is moving "outdoors." And Rick Baker's comment on the documentary about this being known as the Elvis werewolf is funny. In the meantime, Dr. Glendon's wife is reconnecting with an old childhood beau. Combine this with the doctor's long work hours and irritability over trying to manage this curse and it looks like marriage problems are on the way. The special properties of silver are never mentioned, an ordinary bullet seems to do the job. It is a big surprise that this werewolf speaks, at least as he is breathing his last. There are many plot holes and the studio executives had to keep the horror from being too graphic so overall it is still fairly weak.

Eric D (jp) wrote: Neither gruesome nor clever enough to live up to its premise.

aaron s (ag) wrote: Very boring and slow paced with some poor casting. But decent effects and cinematography.

Farah R (ag) wrote: It's charming in a humorous way yet doesn't seem as entertaining by the end.