Christmas in August

Christmas in August

In a quiet corner of Seoul, Jung-won runs a small photo studio. A humble shack passed down from his widower father, the studio is a space where Jung-won goes about his daily routine of dealing with fussy customers, enlarging photos of class heartthrobs for the neighborhood kids and photographing pictures to place on funeral altars. For Jung-won, life seems to be a series of peaceful events, but in reality his time on earth is too limited for comfort. Barely in his mid-30's, but perhaps too aware of the meaning of death, Jung-won accepts his fate despite the subtle gestures of concern he gets from his old father and younger sister. Life goes on as usual until one day he meets Darim, an employee at the Traffic Control Division of the local district office. She is a regular customer at the studio who comes everyday to develop snapshots of parking violations...

Hahn Suk-Kyu suffers from a fatal disease. He meets Shim Eun-Ha and falls in love with her. What will be the fate of this love - will it be a tragic ending? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anti C (fr) wrote: Review: I'm just going to keep this short and say this movie isn't very good, Its a piece of shit, i mean, i've seen worst but compared to the ratings its a POS. Kristen Stewart is the only one (and Ryan Reynolds) who actually has talent for ACTING and who isn't one of Judd Apataw's unfunny friends. All this movie is are a bunch of dumbasses smoking a ton of pot, drinking, and having sex like a bunch of sluts. This is advertised as a comedy and i didn't laugh once, I guess your taste in comedies has to cater to this. Final Verdict: Not into smoking pot? Drinking? Or same old boring sh!t? This movie isn't for you. EDIT: The main guy in this movie is so damn unfunny and annoying too.

Al M (gb) wrote: Blood Trails starts promisingly as a horror film that wants to build from genuine human emotion and tense situations: a woman in a serious relationship has a one-night stand that turns violent and then agrees to go on a mountain-biking trip with her boyfriend. When they arrive in the rural location and begin biking, the other man shows up to begin torturing the couple. Blood Trails has moments of brutality and tension, but they are few and far between. The scenes of the main character biking through the woods far outweigh those that convey any sense of suspense or terror. Mostly boring and stupid, Blood Trails has an interesting premise that is never developed in any kind of satisfying fashion.

Mark P (gb) wrote: psychological thriller about love, relationships and intrusion of privacy. worth seeing. good acting performances from Daniel Craig and rhys ifans 7/10

Luna F (ag) wrote: so...great hearts are half male half female?

Aaron B (ag) wrote: This is one of two exceptions that proves the rule: Bette Midler movies stink. Only this and Down and Out In Beverly Hills are worth watching. And this one is good only for the spot-on music.

Graydon B (fr) wrote: A re-review here. I have to say I enjoyed the Godfather. Great cinematography, great acting, interesting story, characters, and even the action, while sparse, is good too. I recommend this film if you haven't seen it.

Ryan P (au) wrote: Positives: Christopher Walken is awesome here (as usual), a surprisingly strong (and mostly unknown) young and believable supporting cast, fun and oft-funny script, WWII boot camp setting. Negatives: Matthew Broderick can get grating, some of the lesser characters outside of 2 or 3 aren't defined well enough (Penelope Ann Miller's character is completely unnecessary), and it can get too cute at times. But overall, it is worth a watch and it was an enjoyable viewing for me.

Simon B (br) wrote: Nice Christmas movie.

Elin J (de) wrote: been loving it ever since i saw it on public tv when i was sixteen, still one of my absolute favorites.

Brandon M (nl) wrote: in point of fact, the most fucked up movie I've ever seen! I don't know if I'm bothered more by what I saw in the film or what I know about slavery and the time period depicted...not the best film I've ever seen by any means, but certainly one of the most important.

Irvin C (jp) wrote: I admired "Moolaade" greatly so I thought I'd check out one of Ousmane Sembene's other works starting with this early short feature from 1966. A young black woman is hired as a maid/nanny for a white French family when she's taken to France, she suffers verbal abuse from the matriarch of the family. It's short and simple yet such a strong, biting condemnation of racism even back then. This made me dislike "The Help" a hell of a lot more.

Luke W (gb) wrote: This film suffers from too little excitement and too much dialogue, but Mitchum puts in an admirable performance nevertheless.

Adrian L (br) wrote: Solid and unexciting.

Michael S (gb) wrote: A heaping helping of early 90s cheese. The racing scenes are exciting, but the rest assembly line Simpson/Bruckheimer filler.

Mike S (br) wrote: Couldn't quite give this 3 stars. If this film was made in 1989. then by all means it is easily a 4 star film. Let's be honest folks, the imagination can't quite put together two sagging old men to escape a prison like this. The film had potential, but, the casting could have been so much better. I thought the plot was very fresh and the length of the film was ideal, but, fuck, the casting was terrible. It's a one thumb up for me unfortunately.

Steve S (mx) wrote: The movie was okay, but a little weird. The science almost made sense except when it didn't. It was interesting, but I was disappointed in the analysis of the little girl at the end. No controls? I mean come on. I don't really recommend it.