Christmas in Beverly Hills

Christmas in Beverly Hills


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Christmas in Beverly Hills torrent reviews

Scott B (it) wrote: A few nice creepy moments and what not but the acting is awful and the director blarantly rips from John Carpenter films at times. Though to be fair the location is great. Someone needs to be sued for the "nailed to the wall" scene too. Ripped straight from "Color of Night"...

Sam N (de) wrote: Son of Rambow is so, so charming. This film is massive fun, produced convincingly and excitingly. No ifs, no buts, just an honest and exciting film about childhood adventures in running out of bounds - with some perfectly-timed wit to match!

Matt K (fr) wrote: Was much better than I expected. Perfect on a plane trip back to the USA.

Carl M (de) wrote: Jim Van Bebber's break-through feature is a display of wild ambition and ingenuity that truly captures the spirit of the Independent filmmaker. Shot on 16mm film without a single trained actor over the course of four years, DEADBEAT AT DAWN wears the badge of low-budget cinema proudly, with an uncompromised vision of gritty street violence. DEADBEAT AT DAWN follows Goose, a former gang member who sets out for revenge after his past rivals murder his girlfriend in cold blood. Van Bebber stars in the leading role himself, while also serving as the stunts coordinator and make-up department for the film's many action sequences and special effects. The production includes everything from martial arts to car crashes, weapons mastery, and even a vertical descent down the side of a building, and all on a non-existent budget. Despite the steady stream of bloody violence and gore, Van Bebber never loses focus on the story or characters, and delivers a powerful revenge plot that echoes elements from DEATH WISH to THE WARRIORS and COMBAT SHOCK.

MILLER TIME (us) wrote: I used to watch this movie ALL the time when I was a little girl. I even told my mom I was going to change my name to Savannah:)

Todd S (jp) wrote: I caught bits and pieces of this movie one day on Turner Classics movies, I was bored out of my mind. How did such big stars agree to do this film? it's outdated and Yul Brenner and Tony Curtis play father and son, they look nothing alike, and have no chemistry. 2/10

Timothy J (ru) wrote: What if Butch Cassidy lived to old age and wasn't killed in Bolivia. That is the premise. A little slow moving at times, but a pretty good modern Western.

Christopher C (mx) wrote: The only good thing about this movie is that it makes you hate the characters so you are happy when they die. Bad acting. Bad story. Bad special effects.

TJ P (ag) wrote: The best part is limited CGI! Great practical techniques!

Hugo V (jp) wrote: -Miss You Already is een 2015 Britse romantische comedy-drama film geregisseerd door Catherine Hardwicke en geschreven door Morwenna banken. De film sterren Toni Colette, Drew Barrymore, Dominic Cooper, Paddy Considine, Tyson Ritter, Frances de la Tour, en Jacqueline Bisset. Het werd vertoond in de Gala presentaties gedeelte van de 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.-De film opende theatraal in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 25 september 2015 en in de Verenigde Staten op 6 november 2015 op gemengde naar positief kritische beoordelingen.--Kritische ontvangst: -De film ontving gemengd tot positieve recensies van critici. Op Rotten Tomatoes, de film heeft een 69% score gebaseerd op 89 beoordelingen met een gemiddelde score van 6/10. De sites consensus luidt: "Miss You Already is niet verlegen om bioscoopbezoekers' te tranen , maar de solide script en getalenteerde cast zijn vaak krachtig genoeg om haar meer manipulatieve momenten goed te maken." Metacritic meldt een 59 van de 100 rating, gebaseerd op 24 critici, met vermelding "Gemengde of gemiddelde beoordelingen".- Lied: -De film heeft ook een promotionele single van star Tyson Ritter's band The All-American Rejects getiteld "There's a Place." het nummer bereikt nummer 33 van Billboard's digitale Rocksongs grafiek en stuitte op grote schaal positieve ontvangst van critici en fans.

Jackie J (kr) wrote: A most underrated masterpiece!!!