Christmas List

Christmas List

Isobel Gray plans a storybook Christmas with her boyfriend, including a snow-covered cottage in the Northwest, and a carefully composed bucket list of classic holiday traditions. But when the boyfriend goes AWOL, the list proves challenging and a tempting new romance turns her life upside down. Will Isobel have a White Christmas ending under the mistletoe?

The movie revolves around a woman named Isobel who plans a storybook Christmas with her boyfriend. But when he is called away to a business meeting for the company during the Christmas vacation, the list proves challenging and a tempting new romance turns her life upside down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Christmas List torrent reviews

Eric N (kr) wrote: pretty freakish. cerebral and metaphorical in a fairy-tale sort of way, though all-in-all not very much fun at all.

J P Don T (br) wrote: Filme divertido de baixo oramento. O carisma de Campbell faz esse filme ser gostoso de assistir

Shantel D (kr) wrote: What a pointless movie. It's an hour and a half of a woman being desperate, trying to find a man like that's the only thing in life that matters. Yawn.

Roy S (nl) wrote: Okay as far as it goes, but it feels as though there should be a part two. It stops with the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple. It was nice to see Brandauer in his unfortunately small role as Nebuchadnezzar, and Oliver Reed as the king's go-to man for bad advice. I guess Dempsey has enough gravitas to pull off the title role, but only barely. Suffers a bit from poor editing

Elaina S (ru) wrote: Again this story is true not told the best way possible but great none the less.

Terri H (nl) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Aaron H (jp) wrote: Very enjoyable film.Would recommend it, to anyone.

Daniel C (de) wrote: A perverse, sordid masterpiece, with equal parts fetishistic porn and biting social commentary. It's like Sirk crossed with S&M. Basically.

Brent T (mx) wrote: A must see film. Really surprised and moved by this true story and the adaptation of it.