Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

Carrie Bishop (Booth) lives for her successful career as an event planner in New York City, but her life changes in an instant after a nasty car accident in a snowstorm. Carrie suffers head trauma and regains consciousness in Central Park with an older man, Henry (Derek McGrath, "Little Mosque on the Prairie"). Henry is Carrie's spirit guide and is there to help her "pass over" to Heaven. But before Carrie can move on, she must fulfill one last task on Earth - a type of Angel Duty. Henry tells Carrie that she must help guide a widowed, young restaurant owner, Scott Walker, (McGillion) who has recently considered suicide because his beloved restaurant/catering business is utterly failing. Carrie befriends Scott and his 8-year-old daughter and immediately displays a knack for promoting the restaurant. But time isn't on Carrie's side on this mission. She has until midnight Christmas Eve to turn the eatery around...

To gain entry to heaven, a woman (Lindy Booth) must help a man (Paul McGillion) and his young daughter. As friendship grows, romance blooms, and she finds it a struggle to keep business and pleasure separate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PY C (gb) wrote: Absolutely hilarious, amazing cast, and just spot on storyline.

Sebastian P (fr) wrote: Una pelcula entretenida y graciosa desde el inicio hasta el fin.

Katherine C (jp) wrote: A lovely youth song.

Ryan M (it) wrote: What a waste of my time. I was more interested in looking at all the buildings then actally watching the movie. Horrible acting on Ali Larters part and the rest of the cast was just not good at all.

Igor A (it) wrote: Great movie! Fear X was shot by Stanley Kubrick collaborator Larry Smith. Brian Eno contributed to the score. Don't miss it!

Jos K (it) wrote: I knew Maassen, like most people, as a stand-up comedian. It seems this gave him enough stage experience to be a convincing main character in a film with such a heavy plot. Lisa does a good job as well, them together is a solid cast. The thing that's brilliant about this movie, is the doubt it gives the viewer - right untill the end you're unsure about who's good and who's bad.

Mariana L (us) wrote: a bittersweet little tale. A bit frustrating at times but ultimately nice.

Bruno C (br) wrote: Alex is a genius, over the top sometimes, but this is an excellent way to make a political statement in the 80's w/ the US in Nicaragua

Jonathan A (ca) wrote: Coming-of-age story about an English boy contrasting his heroic fantasy life with the real drama of the WWII London blitz. Imaginative, funny, and compelling. The film really captivates and aptly depicts events of a cold, harsh reality through the eyes of a child. While some of the messages remain slightly ambiguous and ironic, they can easily be forgiven out of faithfulness to the central theme of innocence versus experience. The production does a wonderful job of transporting the viewer to 1940s London, and the performances are solid.

Dyron W (es) wrote: While the movie itself was routine and somewhat dull, 48 HRS strongly benefits from Eddie Murphy's comedic talent and interplays with Nick Nolte.

David A (us) wrote: Multiple Maniacs is not as chock-full of hilarity and depravity as John Waters' other 70's films, but two particular sequences are so over-the-top that they boost this film above 3 stars on their own merit. One of these sequences gives Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ a run for its money, and the other is easily the most random thing I have ever seen in a movie; it takes "what the fuck?!" to a whole new level.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Forgettable and familiar episodic amnesia story about James Garner losing his memory and bumping into various women who he may or may not have previously known. Although it's a pretty tired story, Garner is his usual charming self and 1960s Mad Men-looking New York is fun to see. The supporting cast of women is also solid, including Jean Simmons, Suzanne Pleshette, Katharine Ross, Angela Lansbury and look for Nichelle Nichols in a bit part as a dice player in a back room craps game.

Robyn M (mx) wrote: Make no mistake that unlike the previous film The Abandoned is polished, features stunning cinematography and a haunting score. What it doesn't have is any real entertainment value or true sense of logic. The film works best as horrifically beautiful sequences and hauntingly grotesque images. Some of which will be permanently burned into your psyche.

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Drewby T (de) wrote: Jessica Alba's underwear sold me the second I saw it. Plus this looks like an enjoyable movie.

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