Christmas Mail

Christmas Mail

In this holiday romantic comedy, a mysterious woman who works at the post office answering Santa's mail captures the heart of a disillusioned postal carrier

Kristi is hired to become a "Santa Writer" who responds to letters addressed to the North Pole. Matt is Kristi's colleague and he falls for her. However, one day, she quits her job when she uncovers a scheming which makes him find all ways to track down her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Freeman M (mx) wrote: I really don't even feel the need to express how horrible this is. "Lowbrow" doesn't even begin to do it a justice. It has to be one of the worst cinematic creations ever. EVER!

Shawn W (de) wrote: Yes, the Book of Leviticus in the Bible states that homosexuality is an abomination. It also says eating shrimp is an abomination so why aren't all the hard core Christians protesting the menu at Long John Silvers? Interesting documentary.

Anu M (nl) wrote: Obviously though not a huge blockbuster, Raincoat is a true, relaistic, regular tale of love, compromise and sacrifice. I liked the song "Madhura Nagarapati" because it evoked the simplicity and sadness of a simple man who has lost his purpose of life due to the unexpected marriage of his girl. But certainly not a movie-wise entertaining factor that most of us need as a break from reality.

Scott J (it) wrote: very slow and ultimately dissapointing Quentin Tarantinos weakest movie by far incredible cast good score but is just missing the iconic scene that all of his movies have

Isabelle W (es) wrote: Um interessante retrato da esquizofrenia, e, o mais importante, um retrato de como as pessoas julgam, de maneira preconceituosa, um esquizofrnico.

Peter S (au) wrote: Charles Bronson stars ...need I say more?

Phil H (jp) wrote: The film that kick started the long long long TV series that was basically Star Trek under the sea. So the success of this film of course lead to the TV show which in turn was a big success and encouraged the creator Irwin Allen to go ahead and make other sci-fi TV series that all had a similar look and feel about them...'Lost In Space' 'Land of the Giants' and 'The Time Tunnel'. So this original film was the spark that ignited a whole genre of classic TV.Yet despite all that...holy crapenstein this film was errrr...crap!. Now I've seen a lot of these old fantasy flicks from the 60's but this has to be the most boring sci-fi I've ever seen I kid you not. The plot is nuts, something about a meteor shower that is on fire threatening the Earth with an extreme rise in heat temperatures. So the Captain of this fancy ass submarine comes up with a plan to extinguish these flaming meteors by firing a nuke at them on a certain day and at a certain time. It has to be this exact time and day so the nuke will put out the flames and blast the meteors back into space. Wut?? say again? repeat all after the plot is nuts.The 'excitement' comes from the fact that this plan is rejected (really?) and only the US President can authorise it. So the devious Captain ignores this, gets his sub into position and tries to get in contact with El Presidente before the time slot is missed, of course there is a saboteur on board which makes things even more exciting!.I mean seriously there is nothing happening in this film! the plot is too stupid for words and makes no sense. When you watch the film you do agree with UN that the main plan is nuts and its probably best to leave the meteors alone. So you spend the entire film thinking this bunch of sailors on this fancy sub are doing something really really dangerous and stupid...without permission!. Of course we all know it will work but you still know its utterly stupid.There are various issues the subs crew must battle against to try and complete their illegal mission, typical stuff like under sea mines, debris, a mutiny, equipment being damaged blah blah blah, oh and a giant squid attack too. Yep that's right, you can't have an underwater adventure without a giant sea beast of some sort attacking the main vessel. So right away that compromises the films semi realistic approach, at first I thought it was sort of serious, outlandish sci-fi but kinda serious with sensible elements. The giant squid kinda turns the whole thing into complete fantasy and ruins that feel, I mean what next? mermaids saving the crew?.I think one of the main issues for me was the fact the film just looks totally dull, the action is lifeless and visually its just bland and plain. All the sets are clearly sets (they used the same sets for the TV show), the colours are stale, the costumes are drab, the sub model looks like something you'd see in 'Flesh Gordon' (a dildo with a windscreen) and most of the film is set within this monochrome tin can. I get the feeling the sub has been designed like a spacecraft, sleek, smooth and intimidating like a shark, as apposed to the steampunk-like design of the classic 'Nautilus'. A wondrous and fantastical craft ready to set sail into unknown deep sea what happened?. There are a few scenes outside the sub but nothing much inspiring goes on, the only sequence with some life is the squid attack naturally...but don't go expecting anything of Disney standards now.Imagine the original Star Trek show but without any planet hopping or alien encounters, just the crew on the ship having mechanical issues and chats...constantly. Yep well this is pretty much this film to a tee, a tonne of blokes on a sub with the obligatory blonde female sidekick doing virtually nothing but talk, with the odd shaky cam action sequence for good measure (with obligatory red flashing emergency light). I don't think any of this film cast star in the TV show, but it really doesn't matter as even the likes of Peter Lorre can't make this film any better.The films title sounds awesome and thrilling, how wrong could it be!. I was straining to get through this, I do recall the TV show being pretty boring when I was a kid but I hoped this would be much better seeing as it was the acorn that spawned the oak tree. I can't see how this was popular I really can't, there were so many other better fantasy/sci-fi films out around this time and this film totally pales in comparison.

Brad S (de) wrote: This movie gets a lot of hate, it's 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and 2.8 on IMDB, but I have a soft spot for it. I saw it as a kid and enjoyed it enough, particularly Michael Caine and it was likely the first thing I ever saw him in. yes, the movie makes no sense, that a shark followed them and is targeting the family, but it's not the first time a story makes no sense. The score is good and pays tribute to John Williams, but work in it's own right. It has great scenery and cinematography. File this one under entertaining bad movie.

Stephen B (mx) wrote: Really great movie that is full of excitement, jumps and scares. Up there with the Jaws movie for it's shocks!