Christmas on Division Street

Christmas on Division Street

A good-natured homeless man and an ill-tempered student become good friends.

A good-natured homeless man and an ill-tempered student become good friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mark t (us) wrote: I'm a big fan of the British film industry but this has knocked it back 30 years. Brilliant cast but no real script and poor story lines!!

Dustin I (br) wrote: It's soon going to be my favorite time of the year (fall) and this little film is a nice diversion from all the mainstream horror you'll see this Halloween. Made by a director and crew who know how to tell a good campfire creeper, I was pleasantly spooked by this film.

Tim B (nl) wrote: Yep, it's a great film. Clive Owen owns every scene he's in. All 4 leads are great, just that Owens rebelling in the brashness of his character. Great stuff.

Brett H (ca) wrote: Cheap gags and a ludicrous plot but it does have some enjoyable moments

Ben L (ca) wrote: Many romantic comedies take place in a world that is just as magical as a fantasy or sci-fi movie. Never has that been more evident than in the movie Serendipity. In this film boy and girl meet right in the opening scene, but they are both already in relationships. So the superstitious girl decides to leave it up to fate to decide if they should actually be together. It's a lovely film that shows 2 people who realize that the hands of fate aren't reliable enough to give them what their hearts desire, not realizing that destiny has a plan they could never understand. John Cusack is at the top of his game when playing the determined Jonathan who follows his heart, and continues to have it broken. I actually find myself going on the emotional ride with him and feel just as emotional when things don't go his way. Kate Beckinsale is so charming as Sara, and somehow she makes the insane ideas she proposes early in the film make sense, to the point where I could see a real man falling for it all. Later on her passion rivals that of Cusack and adds more heart to the journey. Then they add in a few great comedic sidekicks just to keep the comedy rolling throughout, so things don't become too sappy. Jeremy Piven and Molly Shannon add a lot of good laughs but also connect to the emotional turmoil that their friends are going through. And of course you can't go wrong with a little Eugene Levy.I just love these kind of movies where it seems like the 2 people (who we all know will end up together at the end) keep missing each other by moments. The number of close calls and tiny acts of fate are presented in such a great way that you actually find yourself saying "oh, if only he would turn around right now and look at what is happening just down the street." It gives a great build to the story and adds extra power to the final scenes. The only thing I don't particularly love about Serendipity is how the pair drag their feet when it comes to talking to their fiances. It feels somewhat manipulative and cruel the way they lead on these people. I also don't like the characterization of Lars (Sara's fiance) because he seems like too much of a classic Hollywood schmuck. Halley (Jonathan's fiance) is a lovely girl played by Bridget Moynahan, so you can understand how he is conflicted in his journey to reunite with Sara, but Lars just seems like a dork who Sara should leave even if Jonathan wasn't in the picture. But these are minor complaints, as I think Serendipity is one of the better rom-coms of the 2000s. Every time I start the movie I find myself hooked in and I have to watch until the end. If you like this style of movie, and fate brought you to this review, then I think it's your destiny to watch Serendipity.

John C (jp) wrote: Si la ven en internet o en algun video se las recomiendo. Poco llega del cine australiano y esta cinta es bastante buena; actuaciones y musica sorprendentes. Para el grueso del publico puede parecer bastante cruda y pesimista (trata sobre un descendiente de inmigrantes griegos que se resiste a sentar cabeza y no sale de un torbellino de drogas y sexo). Un golpe en la cabeza.

Jason O (mx) wrote: "Little Boy Blue" is one of the most powerful and compelling movies I've watched in awhile. True family history slowly unfolds between a Vietnam vet (John Savage) and his wife and three sons. The movie starts out slow with what seems like a typical family that has some problems. However, as the movie goes on, Jimmy West (Ryan Phillippe) starts to wonder about his father and himself, and the relation between the two. Something just seems suspicious and he has some questions that need to be answered. Again, "Little Boy Blue" starts out slow, but when the plot starts to really show itself, the movie turns into one of the most powerful and thought provoking movies ever made. It slowly gives hints of what will solve the mystery and it really propels "Little Boy Blue" into being a disturbing, yet intriguing suspense drama. If you like powerful movies about family drama, I definitely recommend getting "Little Boy Blue." It's one of the best movies of its kind in every way. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. Definitely an underrated, controversial movie.

Joshua L (ag) wrote: A Good movie with another stupid frustrating chick, who happens 2 be played by Madeline Stowe. This was hard 4 me 2 watch i wont lie. I got pretty fuckin frustrated.

Ted S (it) wrote: Really great from the get go (and all the way through). It's violent and funny, Balwin is amazing. I don't know why they don't run this on television a lot more often. It's a gem of a movie!

Justin R (it) wrote: The production numbers bump this up an extra star. Amusing overall.

Karl L (jp) wrote: This was surprisingly good.

Lee S (jp) wrote: Classic family flick. Bringing CKJ up to speed.

Daniel S (mx) wrote: The "Saw" that should have been... all the intimidation and an ounce of the blood.

John T (nl) wrote: This was pretty good. You see the same story told from several different points of view. Christopher Walken is highly entertaining in this. In the end a little black girl makes the main characters realize what they're doing is wrong. Very simplistic but well spoken. I liked this one. .

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: "How exploitative," one might well ask before seriously considering this cultural bon mot (and one would be right to do so), this walk on the wild side? The opening credits are still afterburning your eyes and the ladies get naked forthwith. Egad, what culture! Fun from the 70's, nearly as good as The Godfather!