Christmas with a Capital C

Christmas with a Capital C

An attorney returns to his small home town in Alaska and quickly rocks the boat by getting an injunction against the nativity display tradition and attacking Christmas.

After 20 years, Mitch Bright decides to return to change tradition of Trapper Falls and unseats Dan as mayor as well. Dan's wife Kristen (Nancy Stafford) and daughter Makayla (Francesca Derosa) determine to help him and maintain solidarity among the locals with a pro-Christmas campaign" Christmas with a Capitol C". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Taha A (us) wrote: As I can see, it was way too much complicated for nothing at last!

Benot R (nl) wrote: This movie is a copy of "Old boy"... Which is much better.

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Rachel H (kr) wrote: This was quite an amazing movie. A must see.

Erin S (us) wrote: Kafka should not be made into movies. Done.

Michael W (es) wrote: Robert Townsend vehicle (co-written with Keenan Ivory Wayans) has fast food employee and aspiring actor struggling for a breakout part in Hollywood. Does have its share of laughs poking fun at black stereotypes in Hollywood, particularly with all-white production crew. Diverts itself into smaller skits within the film too often but art mirrors reality here as this effectively vaulted Townsend's career in the process.

John M (nl) wrote: Yakety Sax. A man from the 70's (Woody Allen) is revived 200 year in the future to find himself a wanted man from a fascist government, and he may just be the spark needed to ignite a revolution. This is the 10th Woody Allen movie I've had the pleasure of viewing, and I can honestly say that I've never seen one of his movies that is quite like this one. When you hear the name Woody Allen, what do you think of? Smart, self-deprecating, and heartfelt are adjectives that probably come to mind when describing his movies, but one description that you probably wouldn't think to mention is slapstick. This isn't just physical in the sense of somebody slipping on a banana peel, it's a wipe out on a gigantic banana peel, and Sleeper breaches the Benny Hill realm of comedy. Now I would say I prefer his high-brow material; give me Annie Hall, Manhattan or The Purple Rose of Cairo over this any day of the week, no questions asked. Not to say that this isn't without merit, mind you, it's just that his other movies appeal more to me just as somebody who watches movies. I do give credit for auteurs trying something new and different, and this came out very early in his career, so it's a movie that he probably needed to make so as to find his voice as a comedian, which therefore makes this necessary. I would go so far to say that this is a product of its time; there are a number of jokes pertaining to the 1970's that date it, but it is such a goofy spoof, anybody should be able to get into it. While this may not be my type of humor per se, there is still good stuff to be found. The uptempo music is great, and while it may be sillier and more frantic than his more famous movies, it's still a noteworthy element. Some of the jokes work better than others, and I would say that the Streetcar Named Desire bit is the standout gag in the film. This is a light farce that follows your standard fish out of water template, and you are sure to at least get some chuckles out of it, it really depends on what type of humor strikes your fancy. If anything, this is worth watching so you can witness the masquerading side of Woody Allen that you've never seen before.

Chelsea K (de) wrote: Soledad Miranda is absolutely stunning, though this movie is less than entertaining.

Bill T (jp) wrote: A bit overly done,A hard to follow story fillled with ridiculous special effects and fighting sequences that PROBABLY didnt exist in the latter of the 19th Century. If you put all of that aside, it's a damn fun ride. Romain Duris is a great anti-hero trying to find a treasure before a rival thief does. The two thieves play the bickering quite well, (the other thief, played by Eva Green, is quite eeeeevil) and their disputes usually end up quite public and spectacular. Again not the greatest movie in the world, but entertaining to a degree if you're willing to put logic aside.

David L (mx) wrote: Hellboy is visually arresting with a great gothic style to it, but the characters aren't memorable, the mythology isn't particularly interesting and the action is underwhelming. It has its moments, the main character is good and the film is well made, but it is never that entertaining or exciting and it is one of del Toro's weakest efforts.