Christo's Valley Curtain

Christo's Valley Curtain

Oscar nominated documentary about the largest man-made curtain in the world as "sculpture".

Oscar nominated documentary about the largest man-made curtain in the world as "sculpture". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John P (fr) wrote: Unless you're interested in tracing the history of Cannibal Holocaust or you're interested in seeing animal slaughter (sicko), then there's no real reason to watch this movie.That said, it's a pretty enjoyable, if not sickening jungle adventure movie with a shitty english dub, some pretty cinematography, a bunch of nudity, and the aforementioned animal slaughter. I mean, if you wanna get down to it, you see a pretty sickening game of snake vs. mongoose, a monkey's head gets sliced off by a sword (and then his "brains" are "eaten"), and a bunch of other animals get their heads slowly sawn off in the name of "tribal customs".This is all there to compare and contrast a "savage" society with a "humane" one, showing that the two are more alike than one would think.If this sounds familiar (it may not), it's because Mondo Cane did the same thing. This is sort of a fiction remake of that movie, and the template for which nastier films like Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox would follow. If that's your thing, check this movie out. If not, then don't. I won't judge.

Michael H (au) wrote: An 8 1/2 minute ride to or from a mountaintop temple. 11 times. Sometimes in silence, sometimes with constant chatter. Sometimes looking up a goat's behind. Pretty entertaining if you can settle in for the ride.

Iain B (mx) wrote: Lemon by name lemon by nature

Tim R (br) wrote: Favorite movie of 2012!

Dan F (de) wrote: Only because Adam Carolla is Commander Nebula.

Mikhail B (ru) wrote: Study of sick relations between two musically gifted sisters.

frederator d (it) wrote: Total babe rip off, for shame!

Doctor S (ru) wrote: "Music is the stuff of dreams."Despite the implications within the title, I was not expecting such austerity. The heart under examination belongs in fact to withdrawn luthier Daniel Auteuil and is the object of frustration to his business partner's mistress, violinist Emmanuelle Beart. Usually those roles are the other way around, at least in American films, so that represents something of a divergence.Auteuil is a master at his profession and draws all of his satisfaction in life from his work and the sounds his instruments create. He is not a recluse but cannot open up to anyone and finds no value in emotional attachments. Through no fault of his own devising, he eventually finds himself at odds with his closest associates. The message seems to be that if you repress your ability to feel emotion, you're actually hurting yourself even worse. In fact Auteuil expresses a line to that effect in her apartment. The final shot of Beart pulling her eyes away from the cafe window where Auteuil sits as her car drives off is rather haunting and we are left in his shoes wondering what could have been.Other than violin passages at rehearsals and recording sessions, there is interestingly no soundtrack so we feel the same cold vacant space that Auteuil otherwise occupies. Although I have long suspected, I am now convinced enough to put in writing: Emmanuelle Beart is the most beautiful actress since Grace Kelly. And watching a beautiful woman playing beautiful music is my idea of heaven on earth. She practiced the violin every day for one year to prepare for this role, and the results pay off - naturally they overdubbed in postproduction (one year doesn't turn you into a virtuoso) but she actually plays all the complicated pieces and convincingly demonstrates that she could handle them.

Lucas B (gb) wrote: I great movie to help you forget your own troubles.

David K (de) wrote: Refreshingly twisted. Excellent tragedy.

Jessica K (de) wrote: Clasic Shirley Temple

anthony e (nl) wrote: It seems a lot of people don't like this film and while I wouldn't try and say this is an all time great it has enough laughs and charm for me and my family. Love it.

Adam F (us) wrote: "Jonah Hex" is so patched up and half-assed that it barely feels like a film. It's based/inspired by the character published in DC Comics, but it's about as close to the original source material as 2003's "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" was to the original Allan Moore comic. Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin, trying really hard) was a confederate soldier when his life was torn apart by Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich). After refusing to follow the crazed orders of Quentin, Hex was to be eliminated by his best friend Jeb (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who escapes the film uncredited and only appears in one scene), but Hex escaped by killing the son. Quentin didn't take too kindly to that. Out of spite, Turnbull tracked down Hex, killed his family and messed up his face. Years later, Hex believes Turnbull to be dead so he goes around making money as a bounty hunter. Little does he know that not only is Turnbull alive, but he's planning on unleashing a terrifying weapon against the United States. No, not a giant mechanical spider (I wish), a ridiculous Gatling cannon that can level cities. Oh yeah, and Megan Fox plays a gun-wielding prostitute.This movie really is a mess. It runs 1hr 13 minutes without the credits and it still feels padded out. The story is what you would expect to see from a 42 minute episode of a sci-fi action TV show. It's pretty much only about Hex finding out that his nemesis is alive, that he's got an evil plan to kill the President of the United States and then Hex goes out to stop him. Subplots? Character development? Forget that! This is one of those movies where you know the director heard that this was a comic book movie and figured "that means my characters can be paper-thin and the fans will be happy!" because everyone here is totally flat. Jonah Hex has what most closely resembles a personality. He's got a bit of a dark sense of humour (Something this movie desperately needed more of) and goes around shooting people who disagree with him because they're all bad guys. I'm trying to think of other ways to describe him, but nope. Quentin Turnbull, he's an evil villain. How evil? Well first of all, he's a terrorist. He blows up trains, employs suicide bombers (yes, really) and has a "weapon of mass destruction". He hates America, loves killing innocent women and children, blows up schools, hospitals, churches and I'm sure you could argue that he's racist too because he was fighting for the south and I didn't see a single black guy among his cronies. I only mentioned Megan Fox's character in passing because her character contributes nothing to the movie. She's there to serve as a love interest, as a hostage and as a plot device towards the climax, but she doesn't really do anything except appear in a few random scenes that could have been cut out of the film without much loss. Same thing goes for the black armourer who provides Hex with his nonsensical weapons. He's really only in the film to informs us that Jonah Hex isn't a racist. He appears in two scenes, and in one of them he has no lines whatsoever. Going back to Lilah (Megan Fox's character), her character feels totally like a half-baked badass female sidekick. She seen several times wielding a pistol or another type of weapon and we hear her saying that she's saving her money so you assume that she's trying to get out of the hooking business. That never plays out though. You never find out what she was doing with her money and towards the end of the film, she completely disappears, never to be heard from again.This is one of the worst edited movies I have ever seen. Characters appear and disappear between shots and the climax has to be seen to be believed. About a third or so into the film Hex gets a new pet sidekick, a dog. We get long shots where Hex is seen on horseback galloping through the wilderness with no dog, then poof it appears again in the next scene. I've already mentioned that the same applied to Lilah. It feels like the film was put together and then hacked to pieces. I picture a conversation that went something like this going on between the director and the producers: P: "Wait a minute, this movie is only 45 minutes long!"D: "Well yeah. Sorry but this script, I thought because it took me an hour and a half to read it while kind of dozing off that the movie would last that long"P: "Well, we could add an animated sequence at the beginning. I have a friend that's a big fan of Jonah Hex that's done one of those motion comics we could use!"D:"Good! but that will tag on a max of ten minutes, what next?"P: "What about a love interest? I hear Megan Fox is free and Josh Brolin thinks she's hot so I'm sure he'll agree to shoot a couple of scenes with her."D: "Oh yeah, and we can add a subplot about him having magic powers and throw in a dog sidekick. If we have the credits run slowly, we can use all of that and make it an hour and 24 minutes, that'll do right?" P:"Sounds good to me!"The ending of this film absolutely ludicrous too. We have Turnbull approaching the capital with one of the most ill-conceived doomsday weapons ever (from the second they show you how it works you can predict how they are going to stop it) but what does the United States do to defend itself against this threat? Send a single boat, piloted by two guys to tell Turnbull to stop. Guess how well that works out. We've got this character that supplies Jonah Hex with his weapons. He's there mostly, as I said before, to show that our hero isn't a racist, but we see him and his two sons listening to the President give his speech while Turnbull advances with his doomsday cannon. It's not enough that the President might be killed, they have to remind you that the stakes are high because that character you might like and his two young kids are there too! We then have what has to be the most bizarre and confusing fight I've ever seen. Throughout the film, Jonah Hex has been having these visions of himself crawling out of the sand to battle Turnbull. It's symbolic or something because Turnbull is the one that carved-up Hex's face and ever since, he's been holding a grudge. Every time we cut to the vision, Hex loses the fight. When it comes down to the big battle at the end, we cut between two scenes: one fight set in the real world and one in the "dream" world. That's right; Hex is battling his nemesis in person and also in a symbolic vision. Have you ever heard of two battles between the same characters being cut together to make the climax of a film more exciting? It felt to me like the shots they got from the actors were so bad that they had to figure out a way to make the fight comprehensible but the sets had already been taken down and turned into scrap. Their solution was then to travel to a dusty spot and shoot the actors fighting each other, thinking it would be really clever. It's so bad you can't even imagine how confusing and amateurish it looks.I know superhero movies are big and there are probably a lot of people out there that feel compelled to own every single superhero movie. I myself used to be one of those people. I am telling you, No! Pleading you to stay away from this one. If anyone asks, just tell them that Jonah Hex isn't technically a superhero character. I mean yeah they randomly give him a superpower for this movie (because making a western about a badass bounty hunter can't be done apparently) but this is more like a brainless version of a western spliced with the worst issues of the comic book ever written than something that warrants a spot in your collection. They don't even manage to make this a faithful adaptation of the character, it's as bad as when they made "Catwoman" without any references to Batman! Just watch the "DC Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex" and then follow it up with your favorite Clint Eastwood Western and you'll have a better time. The only good thing about this movie is that Megan Fox looks good (not that difficult since half of the characters in this film are covered with dirt) and the movie is thankfully very short. This movie is so bad though that it makes Michael Fassbender (Who appears in a short role) look like an amateur. If you have the misfortune of watching "Jonah Hex" you'll be disappointed, but you won't be angry. It's only because the film is so short and unmemorable that you will barely remember this train wreck after it's over. (On Blu-ray, February 7, 2014)

David J (gb) wrote: With it's central actors performing with such intensity against the beautiful Irish countryside, "Sunset Song" is an absorbing adaptation of it's classic source material. But, while this story conveys with very real themes regarding the brutality of war and how it changes people, I have a difficult time believing that World War I turned a loving husband into an abusive rapist. And, while this story presents with very worthy themes of feminism, I have a difficult time believing that every man on the Irish countryside was or had the tendency to be so hostile and territorial.

Raffy John M (us) wrote: A really good movie!!! I love Dakota Fanning... She's so great... But i was not satisfied with the ending, a nice quote though "Every story has an ending, but in real life, every ending is just new beginning"