Christopher Roth

Christopher Roth

A horror novelist begins to fear his stories may have a life of their own.

A horror novelist begins to fear his stories may have a life of their own. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lincoln K (de) wrote: Another effective if not entirely memorable foreign film with good performances in this tale of men caught up in the conflict in the former soviet bloc countries.

Peggy S (kr) wrote: Great love & wholesome family values in this film! I really enjoyed watching it with my daughter!

WS W (ca) wrote: Those typical stuff, you know.

Noah N (br) wrote: Makes everyone have unrealistic views on teams, kids, outcomes and material things. Christian movie from top to bottom.

Mark W (ca) wrote: L'aldia is a film that has an atmosphere like no other horror film. The music, effects, cinematography, set design, Direction and the build up to final 20 minutes, where all hell breaks loose, all add up.

Robert L (us) wrote: Quand les francais se plante, il ne rate jamais leur coup.

Cassandra M (fr) wrote: Hell of the Living Dead is a gory Zombie flick that's actually very good. The gore is brutal and the action is great, the music from Dawn of the Dead was nice since that's one of my other favourite Zombie flicks, the S.W.A.T uniform was identical to the S.W.A.T uniform in Dawn of the Dead.The stock footage is interesting since some of them doesn't have any plot like a monkey jumping to a tree or a group of fruit bats flying about but Bruno Mattei explained on the interview that the stock footage was used to make it seem more like the New Guinea jungle, the footage of the tribe had a plot to the film since they was in the village with them.The Zombie make up was good and looked effective, the whole singing in the rain bit was a laugh especially when the Zombies get him. Hell of the Living Dead (Zombie Creeping Flesh, Virus, Night of the Zombie) is a great low budget gory Zombie film that does not disappoint on the violence, check this one out.

Jeremy B (kr) wrote: One of the dumbest movies I've ever tried to watch. I couldn't even get 1/4 of the way through. Had to stop watching. Completely retarded.

Ben H (ca) wrote: Don't let the title fool you, this ain't got nothing to do with Africa whatsoever, just a heart-warming tale about the struggling middle class family in France.

Doctor S (kr) wrote: Successful entry in the Hammer horror vault due to very artful direction by Brian Clemens who also wrote the intelligent script. Kronos (Horst Janson), he of the too-tight trousers and too-short tunic, arrives in a village where young women are found in the forest with withered faces, drained of life. Is this the work of a new species of vampire? Hunchbacked professor Grost (John Cater) and wild beauty Carla (Caroline Munro) accompany Kronos as he roots out this menace in the 18th century.There are many violent acts but interestingly very little is shown onscreen, apart from a fairly competently staged sword duel. Instead we see the aftermath - blood dripping down a lampshade or a basket of broken eggs carried by a victim - which doesn't give much of a visceral thrill but I appreciated its unusual cerebral style. I also liked how the identity of the vampire(s) are not who you might suspect at first, so the surprise ending was genuinely a surprise!