Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

A small village in Latin America. Santiago have been knife in the morning. It surprise nobody. The Vicario brothers have openly declared the would kill him to avenge the lost honour of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chronicle of a Death Foretold torrent reviews

Sabir S (ru) wrote: Finally I watch the movie and it's and best movie I see in this I like it

Darrell T (br) wrote: Please stop beating this dead horse.

Jason S (de) wrote: some of it was kindof funny

Liana S (ru) wrote: Wow. They went through all the trouble of hiring Bruce Abbot because he looks nearly exactly like Elias Koteas, only to kill him off in like 2 minutes. A perfect waste of the most interesting character.

Jonty C (ru) wrote: George P. Cosmatos, who directed rambo III did this one, therefore not a good sign...

Jason J (mx) wrote: A classic Shaw Brothers movie about an Emperor who recruits a team of assassins to use a new deadly weapon - a flying guillotine that can take a man's head off at a 100 yards!! One man, Ma Teng discovers treachery and greed amongst the team so he escapes only for the Emperor to order the team to take him out. Whilst on the run, Ma starts a new life with his wife and baby son but how long can he hide before somebody finds out where he lives?One of the most famous Shaw Brothers movie which went on to have a couple of sequels.This isn't your typical kung-fu movie, it's more like a horror with some kung-fu overtones. There's an atmosphere of dread in the storyline as once the flying guillotine is locked in on it's unfortunate victim there's basically no escape. This movie pays more attention to plot, character interaction, and drama than your usual old-school HK movie. The violence level is high, although there isn't that much blood. Tons of people are beheaded, and usually all we see is the corpse flopping around afterwards, legs kicking spasmodically. It's pure camp fun. The acting is quite good and it's an exciting movie. I definitely loved it.

Freddie F (ru) wrote: I have finally come to terms with this film's ending almost a whole year after I saw it. I have to bump my 4.5 to a 5. There is simply no film to more beautifully and elegantly provide a complex and harrowing portrait of religion in a cold world. Dreyer's masterpiece.

Roy C (ca) wrote: Burly Q on Broadway.

David S (fr) wrote: The second Jack Ryan film for Harrison Ford, a government thriller from Tom Clancy, Clear and Present Danger was a fun watch. I love these type of films where there is a government official or several breaking the law and it's down to one man to fix it or lose everything. Harrison Ford is great along with the rest of the cast. This film lost me though about halfway through when things started to develop. I wasn't sure how Ryan cracked the code that it was who it was. I will have to watch it it again but it didn't take away from me enjoying it. I should have watched Patriot Games first though.

Emod L (ru) wrote: 56%De Niro makes a pretty good Monster, and the rest of the cast is pretty cool, but the movie is a slog.

Ken T (de) wrote: SyFy "B" movie all the way...Watch only if you 've got nothing better to do"

Nick D (ag) wrote: Quite possibly one of the greatest animated movies I have ever seen. ???

Chris W (ag) wrote: Great concept/story not fully realized

Michael R (au) wrote: 80's Sci-Fi Goodness...