Chronicling Narnia: The C.S Lewis Story

Chronicling Narnia: The C.S Lewis Story

Documentary details some C.S Lweis' life experiences and how these might have informed the creation of the book series "The Chronicles of Narnia". Insights are provided in both Lewis' own ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chronicling Narnia: The C.S Lewis Story torrent reviews

David M (au) wrote: Another ridiculously dumb film. I give it 2 stars purely for the unintentional laughs it provides.

Amal E (es) wrote: The plot is inspired by Filipino-American movie Cavite. Despite that, this is a breath of fresh air among bollywood movies. Realistic scenarios, great execution. Impressed by debutant music director Amit Trivedi's OST.

Aaron G (gb) wrote: I saw this in the best circumstances: In a packed theater full of screaming people. Bravo, Mr. Peli. Good stuff.

Leo L (de) wrote: Hilarious! The movie follows a close group of friends in a small town. Nathan and Jessica secretly like each other, but cannot find the courage to tell each other about their feelings. At the insistence of Henry and Diggs, Nathan decides to tell Jessica. Cruelly, Jessica's father tells him that she's on another date. On his way home, he sees her in a classmate's car. Assuming that she's not at all what she appears to be, Nathan gets drunk and accidentally hangs himself. Distraught, his mother decides to use a voodoo book to bring him back. Although it didn?t completely work, Nathan is led to believe he's fine until he can no longer curb his hunger which causes an outbreak of reanimated people. Jessica, Diggs, and Henry must fend themselves off. Great cast- David Leon, Samantha Mumba, Sara James, Laurence Kinlan, Tadhg Murphy, Deirdre O'Kane, and Mark Huberman. Worthy!

Carlos M (nl) wrote: The general opinion about this movie seems curiously divided between finding it either smart or pretentious, but for me it is neither, rather a quirky, mildly funny story that makes a welcome use of existentialist issues and a great cast. Good, though nothing special.

Diego E (ag) wrote: Not that bad as critic say. Still I dont recomend it.

Chelsea P (nl) wrote: [color=Lime] Ironically, a couple of months ago I purchased this movie. Last week, I watched it for the second time, and decided it was time to write something about it. I originally gave this movie a 7, and it went down a notch because I just watched it in English, and good god was it awful. In this entry, I'm not so much reviewing the 80's Appleseed as comparing it to the CGI films and the manga. When I checked out RT's page for the original movie, I found it just riddled with BS. First of all, the movie didn't come out in 97, and if it did, then I could understand the ratings it got. The production values for this were good at the time, but practically intolerable now unless you're a die-hard fan (thus the reason I can stand it). The voice overs for the English version were just awful. Briareos has his name changed to Blurirarious or something totally bizarre like that, and has a terrible New York accent, even though he's from the Mediterranian. The script is also localized for American audiences by adding a curse word to every sentance like a period. It's absolutely ridiculous. I didn't mean to review it, but I ended up doing it anyway. Oh well, back on subject. One of the things I did love about this movie was the way Hitomi and Yoshi were portrayed. Both their appearance and attitudes are much more like the manga, and whether that is a good or bad thing is entirely up to the viewer. I personally like the fact that they kept her the same because she was much more upbeat and talkative in the manga, which was the perfect opposite of Duenan, who tends to be slightly more serious and quick to anger in the books. In the CGI movies, however, she was basically emotionless, and it didn't even seem like the same character anymore. Due to this and a few other minor details (like Duenan having an eye patch in the trailer for EX Machina, and fooling everybody into thinking it was for a reason!!!), I'm going to conclude that neither series truly follows the book, but that the CGI ones are more similar in terms of the political undertones and theory, while the original movie is more similar to SOME of the characters. I'm a little upset that key villains were removed from both though. I would have liked to see Chiffon in either movie, although her role was basically Calon's in the first movie. [/color]

Adrian Z (ag) wrote: Handsome production and superb make-up effects transform Louis Gossett Jr. into a very convincing alien, but the film struggles to generate a plot, mainly due to a very simple premise. Human and enemy alien become stranded on a deserted planet after a dogfight, then learn to coexist. A little too chummy sometimes, but things finally pick up when slavers appear towards the final act.

Al M (ca) wrote: An entertaining sci-fi thriller from the 1950s that is never does anything to mark itself as overly original but is still entertaining from beginning to end.

Rainer K (fr) wrote: Essay-Filme besitzen zugegebenermaen eine gewisse Anziehungskraft. Sie stellen ein Enigma dar, das es zu entschlsseln gilt, eine intellektuelle Herausforderung fr die mit Hollywooddreck gesttigten Kpfe der Filmliebhaber.Zum derzeitigen Punkt in meinem Leben und meiner Karriere" als Filmfan, kann ich mit ihnen nicht allzu viel anfangen.F for Fake" ist Gott sei Dank eine abgeschwchte Version eines Essay Films. Es ist Orson Welles' Reflexion ber Autorschaft und Flschung und arbeitet dieses Thema anhand einiger Fallbeispiele auf.Am prominentesten ist der Kunstflscher Elmyr de Hory vertreten, der zum Zeitpunkt des Drehs frisch aus dem Gefngnis entlassen worden war, und der jahrelang die Kunstexperten der Welt mit seinen Kopien narrte. Auerdem kommt Clifford Irving zu Wort, der eine gefeierte Fake-Autobiographie von Howard Hughes geschrieben hatte und unweit von de Hory auf Ibiza residierte.Weiters, behandelt Welles auch seinen eigenen Fake", das Radiohrspiel zu War of the Worlds", dass zu den grten Possen der Mediengeschichte zhlt und anno dazumal von tausenden Amerikanern fr bare Mnze genommen wurde.Technisch ist der Film ein Meisterwerk. Auch ohne viel Hintergrundwissen ber die historische Signifikanz der angewendeten Schneidetechniken, beeindruckt der Film mit seinem Schnitt, der der kontemplativen Natur dieses Filmessays eine beeindruckende Geschwindigkeit gibt. Auch die Kamerafhrung ist meisterhaft.Die Erzhlweise, so beeindruckend sie rein technisch auch sein mag, ist allerdings auch die Krux des ganzen Films. So interessant de Hory und Konsorten auch sein mgen, die Narrative erschwert es dem Zuseher der Geschichte zu folgen.F for Fake" versagt also auf der Ebene des Dokumentarischen, umgeht dieses Manko jedoch, indem es auf seinen Kunstcharakter verweist - Kunst darf alles, auch wenn es oft nicht allzu sinnvoll ist.Man kann ber die eigentliche Intention von Welles nur spekulieren, aber ich wage zu behaupten, dass er genau das erreicht hat, was er erreichen wollte: stndig fragt man sich ob das was man sieht echt ist, oder nur inszeniert. Betrachtet man es von dieser Warte aus, ist der Film mehr als gelungen - ein echtes Meisterwerk.Mein Resmee - Nett anzusehen, handwerklich groartig und wunderbar strukturiert, aber etwas unzusammenhngend.

Joe A (br) wrote: This 70's Italian Star Wars rip off from director Luigi Cozzi is so awful that it is laugh out loud funny and side splittingly hilarious. The film takes itself so seriously too and that's what makes it so incredibly entertaining. Starcrash tells the story of sexy space smuggler Stella Star (Hammer films hottie, Caroline Munro) who gets caught in the middle of a struggle between an evil tyrant, Zarth Arn (Joe Spinell) and the Emperor (Christopher Plummer) for control of the galaxy. Scantily clad Stella battles amazons, cavemen, and an assortment of stop motion animated threats while always looking like she's ready for Spring Break. From the bargin basement SPFX (done by a former postman who enlisted local school children to build the spaceship models... it shows) to the dreadful acting, it's hard to believe this was a serious effort to capitalize on the success of George Lucas' classic. And best of all, it stars David Hasselhoff, who, along with Marjoe Gortner, wear more guyliner then a Greenday concert. How distinguished actor (now Oscar winner) Christopher Plummer and legendary film composer John Barry (James Bond) got involved with this mess is a mystery. A "so bad it's good" classic! EXTRA TRIVIA: While released in the states by Roger Corman's New World Pictures, Corman can luckily claim no involvement with the actual production. The same team went on to make the equally laughable Hercules (1983) with Lou Ferrigno. John Barry fans may want to track down the soundtrack to this, it is by far the best thing about this movie aside from Munro's leather bikini.