Chronological Order

Chronological Order

A guy without many everyday worries finds a door floating in the ocean and soon suspects he is being followed. He discovers that it is himself that is following him and that the door allows him to travel back in time. He sets about trying to improve his life by changing his past; leaving himself notes all while trying to track down and correct the corrections his future self keeps trying to make.

A guy without many everyday worries finds a door floating in the ocean and soon suspects he is being followed. He discovers that it is himself that is following him
and that the door allows him to travel back in time. He sets about trying to improve his life by changing his past; leaving himself notes all while trying to track
down and correct the corrections his future self keeps trying to make. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim M (mx) wrote: Overly dramatic music, people skulking around in cowls, and a "Ooo! we got cha!" twist ending that is painfully predictable. Skip it.

Rasika M (jp) wrote: Different, Loved the actress Huma Qureshi. This movie is available on Netflix Instant watch.

Zahid C (ag) wrote: Day: FridayDate: 5 Aug 2011Time: 10.30 pmWith: No oneOn: Laptop

Barry T (it) wrote: Sweet little film about an ex stripper and a nerd. Cattrall proves she can really act

Mike M (ca) wrote: In a film of even just 5% seriousness, incorporating the spiking of the heroine's drink into a song-and-dance routine, or jovial intimations of date rape, might have seemed an error of tone, but director Shetty's instincts are incessantly comic: everything here - from the number of people he can fit into a taxi to the patronising global warming cartoon for kids Takia is dubbing - is intended as a joke... Whether they work or not, Shetty has his wacky sound effects button to hand at all times, but there are more instances of laughing at the film than laughing with. Takia, presently the most gorgeous moviestar in the world, might do well to forget this one.

Kyle R (jp) wrote: It's easy to find pieces of yourself through the emotional unravelings of these five women. We've all had an evening breakdown where everything is too much and putting on a happy face is impossible. These women are strong in their fight to maintain composure, but even stronger in their ultimate vulnerability.

Vanessa H (ag) wrote: Una pelicula que cuenta claramente lo que vivimos los caraqueos y todos los venezolanos a diario, que te deja con esa paranoia del secuestro al salir del cine. Real y cruda.

Reetesh Y (ag) wrote: Worst piece of nonsense I saw in recent times. Was at a video rental store, was looking to refresh memories by watching the original Dracula movie, and it turned out to be this thing! Stupid lables in video stores!As for the movie itself, its super slow and has NOTHING going for it. At first I thought it would be OK as its Lionsgate's but oh boy was I wrong! The ONLY single thing that was good in the movie was the ending, which was pretty loltastic and unexpected. I guess the whole movie was pitched by giving weight to the ending or something, dont know how anyone would have even agreed to spend the time and money in making such nonsense.Donot watch unless you serious want to waste your time. Be sure you watch it in a player which can play at 1.5x or something (fast forward for video+audio)

Cassandra M (it) wrote: A very early Oliver Stone (associate-)produced film, and one of the first films in the impressive career of Lloyd Kaufman (co-founder and president of the world's only real independent film studio Troma, creator of the Toxic Avenger and, at the prestigious Amsterdam Fantastic Filmfestival, lifetime-achievement awarded filmmaker for over 30 years). Having raised the money for this film on his own, Lloyd wrote this script together with Theodore Gershuni in 1970 and in hindsight regrets having listened to advice to have Gershuni else direct the film instead of doing it himself. But back then he was still inexperienced in the business and it is probably because of decisions like these that he takes no nonsense from anyone anymore. Indeed it would have been interesting to see Lloyd's version of his own script - as one of the world's most original, daring, experimental and non-compromising directors he probably would have given it even more edge than it already has. But as it is we have the Gershuni-directed film. And weather it is due to the strong script, or the fact that he too is indeed quite a director of his own, SUGAR COOKIES is a very intelligent, highly suspenseful and well-crafted motion picture that deserves a lot more attention than it receives. The shoestring budget the small studio (this was even before Kaufman and his friend and partner for over 30 years now, Michael Herz, formed Troma) had to work with is so well handled that the film looks a lot more expensive, indeed does not have a "low budget" look at all. The story revolves around lesbian Camilla Stone (played by enigmatic Mary Woronow) and her lover who winds up dead through circumstances I won't reveal not to spoil a delightful story. This leads to a succession of plot-twists, mind games and personality reform that is loosely inspired by Hitchcock's Vertigo and at least as inventive. The atmosphere is a lot grimmer, though, and some comparisons to Nicholas Roeg's and Donald Cammell's PERFORMANCE come to mind. In this mix is a very original and inventive erotic laden thriller that keeps it quite unclear as to how it is all going to end, which, along with a splendidly interwoven sub-plot with a nod to Kaufman's earlier and unfortunately unavailable BIG GUSS WHAT'S THE FUSS, makes for a very exciting one-and-a-half-hour. Certainly one of the best films in Troma's library, and yet again one of those films that defy the curious fantasy that their catalog is one of bad taste. The DVD includes some recent interviews Kaufman conducts with Woronov and the other leading lady Lynn Lowry (later seen in George Romero's THE CRAZIES), thus giving some interesting insight in what went on during the making of this cult-favorite and a few hints of what would be different had Lloyd directed it himself. Highly recommended.

Phillie E (br) wrote: Watchable, gritty, with a Mean Streets feel to it.

Faris S (ca) wrote: Cate Blanchett oddly fits into her role as a bad guy and Saoirse Ronan proves that she has a long career ahead in this stylish action. This is a very underrated film.

Bob H (kr) wrote: An old time favorite ??

Private U (kr) wrote: I won't be too harsh on this movie since it was obviously made on a low budget. The makers of this movie did a pretty commendable job of building the atmosphere and suspense in the first half, which to my mind is pretty rare in horror movies nowadays. In the second half they failed to keep this up and left nothing to my imagination as usual. I'm still waiting for the modern horror movie that subtly plays with my mind in a way that makes me think something might be creeping up to get me. This one at least started well enough.

Crystal V (ag) wrote: An excellent satire about how money, privilege and power corrupt. At times funny, disturbing and confronting, this film successfully lampoons the upper classes who think the world is theirs to command.

Faye T (us) wrote: nope. Just nope. Panders to the "torture porn" crowd. It attempts to be deep and philosophical about the creation of "martyrs" but really its all about torturing a woman to death. Sorry, nothing novel or worth recommending here.

Dan S (es) wrote: Despite agreeing with other raving critical reviews focusing on the acting and directing, I can't get past the film's plot weaknesses. SPOILERS: Martha's about face on her feelings for George only after a lackluster attempted (or actual--who knows?) affair with Nick, George's careless repurposing of stories, then taking offense at the apparent truth, then forgetting to maintain the game, and most egregiously the reaction as if to a real death of a child (when both parties know he is fictitious)--the viewer is left struggling to maintain their suspension of reality. Not to mention the adaptation from stage to screen feels artificial and slow. If we are to gain lessons based on making life choices on ulterior motives or carelessly living in subjective truth, this is quite the slog to obtain them.