Chronopolis tells the story of a gargantuan city lurking in the sky colonized by powerful immortals who have become jaded with eternal life. Most of their time is spent monotonously constructing bizarre and unusual objects while waiting for the ultimate gift to arrive in their hands.

Chronopolis tells the story of a gargantuan city lurking in the sky colonized by powerful immortals who have become jaded with eternal life. Most of their time is spent monotonously constructing bizarre and unusual objects while waiting for the ultimate gift to arrive in their hands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antti Q (au) wrote: Animal and human rights documentaries with too strong emotional charge often somewhat fail to deliver their message to the non-convinced, but luckily this (barely) stays out of that.A quite well made film with beautiful images saying more than those thousand words, doing more than those direct action sabotages.

Diego Martn (nl) wrote: una parodia de actividad paranormal 7/10

Brent G (ru) wrote: Actually, not bad. Overworked storyline, but pretty concise and fine acting. Guess what, there's a cuter McCord sister out there who can act.

shishir a (gb) wrote: one of the best movi ive ever seen

Tony B (it) wrote: Surprisingly very funny film, laughed out loud many times, but sort of a less romantic, more comedic version of Richard Linklater's 'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset' films that Julie Delpy famously starred in. Still, if you are a fan of those films, you'll enjoy this one too.

Paul M (de) wrote: One of the most gripping films in a really long time. A true master piece about the brotherhood of the fire fighting community and the terrors they face in everyday situations. Seen through flashbacks of what brought Jack Morrison to his current situation and how he over came all the obstacles bringing him from rookie to veteran firefighter. A film to keep you on your seat, and will have you coming back for more.

Kyle S (de) wrote: Great basketball movie. B+ 87

Robyn N (gb) wrote: Dan Mahowny knows he's good at his job, just not at his life. "Owning Mahowny" is a fascinating fact-based portrait of gambling addict Dan Mahowny, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is a Canadian bank manager who financed his addiction in the early 1980s through embezzlement. He created phantom loan accounts and juggled figures, keeping his scam alive for two years -- and to the tune of $10 million. What transcends and carries this true story of the largest bank fraud case in Canadian history is the phenomenal central performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The main focus of the screenplay is Mahowny's obsession and compulsion and its devastating effects professionally and personally. Mahowny is emotionally sealed off, a man with no interests and no pleasures, a kind of dead soul who needs to gamble to feel truly alive. "Mahowny" is not a feel-good story about one man's ability to overcome addiction. Instead, it illustrates a deepening spiral of compulsive behavior, his withdrawal from society, and the unyielding power of denial. The story has some tense moments, but ultimately it's Hoffman's ability to reveal to us that beneath his all consuming addiction lies a decent, desperate soul.

Carol Gene R (ru) wrote: Movie was just disgusting - no plot, no reason!!

Jeffrey C (kr) wrote: Pretty stupid... Some parts are funny, but some are just completely stupid.

Angelo T (de) wrote: With forgettable songs and less-than-stunning animation, this film is a very mediocre imitation of the Rankin/Bass television special done in 2D animation.

Chris G (mx) wrote: Featuring some nice animation, and.......well, that's about it. Storytelling is next to non-existent and there are so many elements that are either not explained or not explained enough. Instantly forgettable.

Caesar M (br) wrote: Now having gone into the first Under Siege with no expectations I was surprise by how much I actually enjoyed the movie. Unfortunately I had expectations for the sequel and I was hugely disappointing and witness the dullest action movie in my life. Under Siege is about Navy Seal Casey Ryback trying to stop terrorists on a hijacked train. The premise allows sounds exciting, but all you get stuck with is a lack of energy in the writing and no interesting characters. I found it laughable for Steven Seagal to do drama, in one scene we found out his brother died and he gives a casual expression with a smile. It also doesn't help your action movie when you literally give little explanation about your villains and a horrible motive. Another flaw with the writing is that you have an unmotivated actor like Eric Bogonsian giving one of the worst performances for a villain will guarantee your action movie won't be exciting. What I hated the most from the movie was the abrupt ending, I expected a lack of tension while viewing, but an abrupt ending that leaves the audience an unsatisfied feeling is unforgivable. You literally won't care about anything in movie, it's a bad sequel and it's a Seagal film. Just like the plot, everything else is terrible. For starter you have a different director with a lack of energy and focus. The next problem is the obviously fake green screen that ruin some of the more exciting scene. If you think Steven Seagal hanging of a cliff and killing some bad guys sounds cool, to bad because moments like those have green screen and become boring just like the movie dramatic scenes. The action scenes are boring because Seagal comes out invincible in this movie, he even takes a sniper shot to the shoulder and says it was nothing. The acting, it's simply bad and not in a comedic way. I can't forget Seagal is a Turtle, when he's moving towards cover in a gun on top of the train he causally takes his time to move towards. The cinematography is boring to, the moving this cool moment when Seagal runs a away for another train on a collision course towards the one Seagal on and he runs while the bridge the trains are on are collapsing. Even that moment is ruined with bad special effects, bad shots, and most importantly a bad direction. Under Siege 2 is a disappointment, even for a Seagal film. It's one of the worst sequel for a action movie ever made and it's the dullest action movie ever made.

Luffy R (br) wrote: I have loved this movie ever since I was little and still love it, it never gets old

Brian S (ag) wrote: One of the best action movies ever made, which redifines, not only the buddy cop genre, but the buddy film genre itself. Directed by Richard Donner, it stars good old Danny Glover and Mel gibson, who make a great duo. Even part of the good musical score itself, was done by legend Eric Clapton. Well it's not a comedy movie, there is a bit of humor in this film. A good action movie. Recommended !!

Angie L (ag) wrote: This is one of my top favorite movies.

Chris O (au) wrote: terrible compared to the first

Tracy F (ag) wrote: Paranormal Activity meets the Amityville gang. Bad. Just bad. Did I mention bad? Wasn't even scary