Chuda Chuda

Chuda Chuda

A psychopathic killer chats up Tina, a school girl, on the Internet and invites her to his house with the intention of raping her and murdering her only to find the tables turned on him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
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Chuda Chuda torrent reviews

Carlos M (ru) wrote: A detestable film that forces us to follow for eighty-eight minutes a couple of hateful psychopaths with a sick story that wants to be a very dark comedy and make fun of their gruesome atrocities - but everything is just too much bad taste to be remotely funny.

Perrine B (fr) wrote: Une resuce du 1er volet, sans imagination et sans talent. Le charme et la drlerie du premier ne se retrouvent pas ici. Steve Merchant remplac par une gamine autoritaire, a gche dj la moiti du film ! Pauvres acteurs qui ont d accepter les rles pour payer leurs factures... Sans hsitation, si vous avez envie de ce type de divertissement, revoyez nouveau l'original.

Jim P (gb) wrote: Excellent monster design and a clever conceit setting up what could have been a classic comedic horror movie. Unfortunately it is a film sadly lacking in both horror and comedy, whose only redeeming feature is the wonderfully executed creature.

Joe L (us) wrote: Somewhat (in a weird way) decent. I wouldn't watch it again, but I've seen worse movies than this.

Fre D (jp) wrote: a candid introspective insightful look into some of the millions who help keep this fantastic country moving forward. an often-overlooked subculture that many have taken for granted IMO.

Brian B (gb) wrote: A poor script, that can't masquerade its ineptness with homages to "Rear Window", "Strangers on a Train" and "Vertigo". The twist and resolution make little sense and depends on the charectors acting like total idiots for the final 10 minutes. There's close to no gore, which is understandable as this is a TV movie produced for RAI Uno. But there is no suspense either, and as this movie was constructed as a homage to the master of suspense. One scene tries hard to be tense (when Guillio tries to get away on a scooter from somebody chasing him), but it's woefully handled as the scene drags on for far too long and becomes funnier than any of the comedy bits. So what's left? Now, like any Argento fan would do, I would be ready to forget and forgive all these, if his usual flair for visual perfection was on display. But we get none of it. No intriguing camera work, no cameras peering from impossible angles, no rich set pieces, no perverse black-gloved killer, no inventive killings, nothing. In the end the film is just another formulaic, uneventful thriller

Elenita F (au) wrote: No es malo cuando una pelicula es confusa, el problema es cuando los personajes no te importan lo suficiente como para tratar de entenderla.

kyo 9 (ca) wrote: another crazy film.. was a killer, now an actor? who wrote the script??

Zandra E (br) wrote: All style and no substance, but it is still pretty entertaining in its own way.

Jehanne L (es) wrote: Wonderful SRK movie with Madhuri and Karisma Kapoor.

Lisa Michelle A (ca) wrote: This is such a beautiful film, and one i absolutely love! It's quite a sad film and i did shed a tear or few watching it, and always do, at the same parts. It's the type of film that can seep into your heart and never leave. It stays with you for life. It grabs your heart and won't let go. And that's what i love about it. It grabbed my heart 3 years ago now, and still it won't let go. But i don't want it to, because i love this film with all my heart. Elisabeth agrees to have a child with Charles for money, as her family are very poor, and she needs the money. At birth she gives her daughter, Louisa, to her father Charles, which was the deal, never to see her again. But 7 years later Elisabeth has never forgotten Louisa, and tracks her down, becoming her governess, so she can be closer to her. Charles lets her and they don't tell Louisa, who has become a spoiled little brat, that Elisabeth is really her mother. With Elisabeth's help Louisa becomes nicer, well educated and more likeable. Charles and Elisabeth find themselves falling in love and from then on it just gets better and better. The scene where Louisa finds out that Elisabeth is her mother is one of the most heartbreaking parts of the film, as all she's ever wanted is to meet her mother, and Elisabeth finally gets to love her like she's always wanted too. A heartbreaking, beautiful and brilliant film! One everyone could grow to love if they truly gave it a chance!!!

Robert H (gb) wrote: One of the craziest living hand movies since Steve Miner's 1986 movie, House. It was like they combined the killer spheres from the Phantasm series with Thing from the Adam's Family.Despite the bad acting, the weird musical interludes and the low budget this film made one critical mistake. For a film that takes place mainly in a brothel with a story revolving around sex and rebirth, it has a serious lack of nudity. While nudity isn't necessary for a film to make it's point, low budget pictures of this nature benefit greatly from it if the nudity makes sense plot wise. While the story is ok in concept and perfect for a Full Moon release, I just didn't feel the execution was up to snuff.

Darrell R (us) wrote: Just struggled thru watching thid mish-mash of a film (couldn't call it a movie). If the point of it is to depict the aimless, worthless, inane lifestyle of borderline 'musicians', it goes that. Must have been made to be better appreciated by a stoned brain!

Camille L (it) wrote: Il est tres difficile de se faire un avis sur Blanche, le troisieme film de Bernie Bonvoisin. Le film peut etre furieusement drole, jamais ennuyeux, d'une originalite ambitieuse (un western du XVIe siecle aux dialogues d'argot contemporain, ca ne court pas les rues) et dote de seconds roles de talent (Gerard Depardieu, Carole Bouquet et Roschdy Zem), il est aussi d'une laideur infame, d'un amateurisme parfois tres genant et a la musique catastrophique. La mise en scene est reellement a mettre en cause dans cette entreprise loupee. Mais il en reste que le film est si original et rejouissant par moments qu'il est impossible de lui tomber dessus a bras raccourcis.

Aman A (jp) wrote: Okay, this movie is weird but they are weirdly okay with it and express it openly in the movie. The movie makes a strong albeit cliche commentary on "love growing old" theory. It has its laughs and wtf moments but doesn't boast of any out of the world independent direction or cinema. If for nothing else, watch this movie for Elisabeth Moss who is astoundingly brilliant in the simplest of double roles possible. She make the movie natural, real and worth the time.

Mathew N (ru) wrote: A badass grindhouse thriller.