Chui ma lau

Chui ma lau


China, the early 1930's: martial arts master Wen Biao discovers that his brother has been using their security company for illegal activities. A confrontation between the brothers leaves Web Biao missing and presumed dead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie C (au) wrote: Really Good Movie, Horrible ending lol

Hrant B (it) wrote: Michelle Williams was great as Marilyn Monroe, although the plot was boring and it didn't amuse me. The story us about Marilyn meeting a young British wannabe production assistant Colin and the time he spent with her during the course of making a movie. It was okay to watch once.

Mikael F (us) wrote: Excellent classical drama set in a timeless but contemporary setting. One of the very best and sound designs I've heard.

Andrew J (ag) wrote: I actually thought it was pretty effective...although not a big fan of the ending.

Private U (us) wrote: LOL! Classic movie. A must see for bad movie night.

Private U (jp) wrote: Fin 1920. Deux ans apres la fin de la premiere guerre mondiale, une femme recherche desesperement son mari, disparu pendant les combats. Elle croise un officier vieillissant, qui a la charge d'identifier et de retrouver les 350 000 soldats disparus pendant la guerre. Ensemble, ils feront le bilan effrayant de cette derniere.Un des meilleurs films ayant pour sujet la Grande Guerre. Philippe Noiret campe impeccablement cet officier desabuse qui retrouve gout a la vie a son corps defendant. Sabine Azema est elle aussi tres bien. Le portrait de la France de l'immediate apres-guerre est saisissant.

Guido S (de) wrote: Dan Aykroyd is a college professor at a local college in Chicago when a pimp sees him speedwalking one morning. He is in trouble with a local crime boss called Mom, he needs someone to stand up for him while he flees. So he drugs Aykroyd and tells him to be Doctor Detroit, a fictional pimp from Detroit Smooth Walker made up by seeing posters of Mom's wall. So Doctor has to try and scare off Mom and there's also a subplot about the college going bankrupt which is conveniently resolved at the end too. Not much else happens in this one. Could have been better, didn't really do much to make this film memorable except the appearance of the Doctor.

Brian K (mx) wrote: In Charles Bronson's pursuit of vengeance, it's as if he's not afraid of even death, or perhaps even welcomes it. Is there a phrase to describe that???

Bronwen M (mx) wrote: Slow, surreal and somewhat unsatisfying, but worth seeing, especially before a trip to the rock itself.

Benjamin W (es) wrote: A little slow to start, "Harakiri" is a classic, if not quintessential samurai film. Having less to do with ritualistic suicide, and everything to do with honor, this film digs deep into the plot and builds momentum until the very last drop of blood hits the floor . . .

Ryan H (jp) wrote: This Movie Was Awesome...Michael And Brittany Are Superb

Shawn W (ag) wrote: Would be a classic if it had John Hughes' name attached to it. As it is, one of the best largely forgotten 80's films.