A group under siege at an Army fort grapple with painful memories.

While Indians besiege a U.S. Army fort in 1876, residents of the fort a gunfighter, a stagecoach driver, two Mexican women, and a motley company of soldiers try to come to terms with their pasts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (ag) wrote: This movie so is serious! It's crucial but O so good!

Rob L (de) wrote: Nothing special. Several actors in this that I don't like at all. Actually most of the cast are not good. I like a small cameo by Jack Black and overall story had some merit..but it's something that you just want finished.

Chris B (de) wrote: This is no doubt one of the greatest cinematic achievements. Everything in this movie is perfect. This is not just good Tarantino it is Tarantino at his very best. The dialogue and the cast are all perfect and very memorable. Sam Jackson and John Travolta in this film have the perfect chemistry. They will have you crying in laughter. Of course you still get your Tarantino violence. A must watch film for anyone. A top 10 film of all time.

Vanessa C (ca) wrote: This movie made me not one to live on or near a military base. I can't imagine not sleeping for that matter. I don't think Marty Malone and Air Force boyfriend landed safely.

Stephen H (au) wrote: This film is epic in scope, yet gives us some grit and a main character we both root for and loathe. Such is the life of a corrupt cop turning informant for the feds. Treat Williams is not the greatest actor, but he does a competent job here. It's the supporting players, from Jerry Orbach to Bob Balaban, that bring the goods. Director Sidney Lumet did fine work here.

Mike M (fr) wrote: A subtle, satirical look at American politics and finding one's place in life - with the comic genius of Peter Sellers as the viewer's guide. As Chauncey Gardner, a man raised on television, servants and gardening, Sellers is amazing in this deadpan role, one that will linger in your memory for days. Stay tuned for the surreal ending - as well as the outtake reel over the end credits.

Jochen W (de) wrote: ... den Krieg erzhlbar machen, das interessiert Cooper berhaupt nicht. OVERLORD ist ein melancholisches Gedicht ber den Krieg, und gleichzeitig eine Reportage. - - - Mehr dazu im Juli im neuen Schnitt!