Chukkalanti Ammayi Chakkanaina Abbayi

Chukkalanti Ammayi Chakkanaina Abbayi

Chukkalanti Ammayi Chakkanaina Abbayi is a 2013 Indian Telugu-language family drama film directed by Kanmani. It stars Tarun and Vimala Raman in the lead roles. The music was composed by Anoop Rubens. The film which was in production since 2009, finally released on 25 May 2013 to poor reviews and was declared a flop at the Box Office and didn't give Tarun the much wanted boost in his comeback to films

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Damien H (ag) wrote: Great look into mastery and the history of magic arts.

Jennifer J (us) wrote: Interesting movie..lots of things I had noIdea about...

grady f (au) wrote: play full movie on Winnie mandela

Guylaine C (ag) wrote: Je suis allee voir ce film avec une idee deja faite d'un "Brokeback Mountain" la francaise... ERREUR!!! C'est un film tres touchant et une ouverture d'esprit incroyable!!

Emily B (ru) wrote: I want to see it just cause Billy Ray Cyrus is in it.

Zaar D (ru) wrote: Very well done, only Civil War internment camp movie I know of

Luke L (mx) wrote: This Is A Good Movie...An My Uncle Act's In It (I Think)=]

Charles P (it) wrote: This is the kind of bad movie that would fun and charming as a B-movie, but it doesn't have a whiff of fun or charm.

Ola G (us) wrote: Advertising executive Bill Compton his wife Joan, and daughter Melissa (Susan Sarandon) are a wealthy family living in New York's Upper East Side. Melissa has recently been living with her drug dealer boyfriend. After Melissa overdoses and is sent to a hospital, Compton goes to her boyfriend's apartment to get her clothes. Compton then kills the boyfriend in a fit of rage. Shaken, he grabs a bag of the boyfriend's drugs, flees from the apartment, and goes to calm down in a local bar. There, he encounters the blue collar, WWII veteran and pro-establishment right-winger, Joe Curran (Peter Boyle) when he is ranting about how he is disgusted by the peace and love generation, by blacks, gays, and liberals and anyone that doesn't embody the old-time patriotic ideals that he sees as making America great. Curran says as well that he would like to "kill a hippie". Compton, unable to restrain himself, blurts out "I just did," then fakes a smile once he realizes he has just made a public confession. Joe appears to believe Compton's statement at first, but then takes it as a joke. The next day, Joe sees a news report about a drug dealer being murdered a few blocks from the bar. He immediately realizes Compton is the one who did it. Joe, a deeply disturbed man with a hidden violent streak, arranges a meeting with Compton, and the two form a very strange friendship. Eventually Melissa finds out that her father killed her boyfriend and runs away. Bill and Joe ends up going on a hunt for her in the Greenwich Village and encountering the hippie movement up close at the same time...Never really heard about this movie before, and I felt it was worth a watch. This is more or less a counterculture movie to all the movies coming out at the same time that was based on the liberation of the hippie movement. Peter Boyles character Joe is the very picture of intolerance, bigotry and hatred towards everything that doesn't fit into what he believes is the american way of being. Thus projecting his hate towards hippies, blacks, gays, liberals etc. And at the same time he carries a fascination about this liberated environment. The strange relationship between Bill and Joe is the drive of the movie and it makes the movie intriguing and unpredictable. Peter Boyle is quite convincing as Joe and it was nice to see a young Susan Sarandon in her first role. Yes, the movie feels slightly dated in how it has been shot, effects, somewhat dodgy acting at times, but yet it has a vibe of the period and it feels honest in that way. Interesting soundtrack as well. Note that when Peter Boyle saw audience members cheering the violence in Joe, he refused to appear in any other film or television show that glorified violence. This included the role of Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle in "The French Connection" (1971). In the 1980s, there were rumors that Peter Boyle might appear in a sequel to Joe. The sequel would follow Joe as he tried to rebuild his life after spending 10 years in prison and would also deal with his grown up kids who held more liberal beliefs. The film never materialized, however.

Aj V (br) wrote: This movie is so fun, and was probably the inspiration for the show Bewitched. It has a great cast too. The movie is pretty good, but it could've been better.

Jason L (br) wrote: As a Masterpiece Theater production, it's a bit slow and plodding but there are worthwhile segments throughout for the patient Vampire aficionado.

Tony P (kr) wrote: I expected a lot more but then critics only care about who's in it and all of these people are A-list people so critics really need to stop caring about who's in it!

Vanessa L (ru) wrote: As long as you don't expect it to be won't be disappointed. These types of flicks bring me joy.

Victor T (jp) wrote: In 1992, Robert Rodriguez surprised audiences and critics with his low budget but promising directorial debut "El Mariachi", three years later he continue the story with mixed results in "Desperado" and in 2003 he ended the "Mexico Trilogy" with his version/attempt of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly": Once Upon a Time In Mexico. After the events of "Desperado", El Mariachi is contacted by a CIA agent called Sands who assigns him the suicide task to stop an overthrown of Mexicos President. The Mariachi Trilogy has been known for being campy, fun and exaggerated films so Robert Rodriguez decided to end his attempt/version of "The Dollars Trilogy" by making an epic conclusion but the result was less than stellar. "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" counts with all the fun/characteristic elements of its predecessor- The campy vibe, Rodriguez energetic/improvised directing is as good as last time, the inventive/over the top action sequences, acting that is fun to watch, and gorgeous locations- but this final installment takes them to a new level of absurdity by introducing a ridiculously overstuffed plot that takes away the charm of its predecessors, unnecessary characters, a handful of subplots that go nowhere, comedy that manages to get some laughs, bizarre and questionable choices, a laughable attempt to add some drama into this insane comedy/action film, a lackluster finale that's not worth all the buildup and El Mariachi is completely overshadowed by every character in this film, thus making this film a pointless addition to the "Mexico Trilogy". But even with all those issues, "Once Upon a Time" manages to remain fun throughout its running time, even if the quality is inferior compared to the first couple instalments of this trilogy. "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" is straightforward fun and entertaining mess of a movie. In my opinion this is the weakest instalment of this fun trilogy but if you enjoy the last films you will definitely like this film more than I did. An average, mindless and creative action "flick" that's charming throughout its running time.

Evan M (kr) wrote: Paul Blart's predictable antics are overshot by its premise and humorous gags led by Kevin James.

Niamh H (de) wrote: Really good film but also vey sad in some parts