Churchill: The Hollywood Years

Churchill: The Hollywood Years

A group of American executives making a film about World War II decide that since their lead is rather unglamorous, they will draft in an American G.I. to play the part of Winston Churchill. Their take on the war depicts a handsome Churchill falling in love with Princess Elizabeth, who is herself involved in the war as an undercover agent.

In this irreverent parody, the British court and war government consist mainly of idiots and/or traitors. Hitler moves into Buckingham palace and plans to marry into the Windsors. A US Army... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Churchill: The Hollywood Years torrent reviews

Adrien C (it) wrote: Top notch acting from the 3 main actors. Very touching movie about friendship.

Alex K (nl) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Julio P (ru) wrote: Rude, unfunny, and racist. This is a train-wreck of a movie. It tries for cheap laughs.. and fails. It tries for an emotional story... and fails even more miserably. When you thought it couldn't get worse, Mo'nique (who now we can 'proudly' say has an Oscar) gets naked... and the movie drags on for another 30 minutes. Avoid at all costs!

Sara H (ca) wrote: HAHAHA! I loved this!! At first you totally think it's a real documentary, and after like 15 minutes Josiah looked it up and told me it was fake. But there's no way that you wouldn't have figured out it was fake after about 25 minutes. It was pretty hilarious, and especially funny if you are familiar with Herzog and how serious he usually is. It's kinda surprising he agreed to a movie like this!! I would recommend it for sure, that Zak Penn guy is so funny.

Alan B (mx) wrote: It should be interesting, but I'd obviously disagree that underground comics are "still more important" than the rise of Marvel Comics.

Oliver N (jp) wrote: Other than a welcome appearance from Sean Connery in his infinite wisdom, the acting is pretty poor, plotline muddled, and the cheese levels are undeniably sky-high. But, throughout its many flaws, I have no doubt in calling Highlander the most guilty-pleasure movie out their at the moment... And fun to say the least.Verdict: B+

Curtis A (au) wrote: Great stunts andinventive fights abound. The plot is nearly indecipherable but hey - Jackie falls 40 feet off a clock tower so who cares?! With stunts as dangerous as they look, and jaw dropping acrobatics, this shows pre-Hollywood-schmaltz Chan doing his thing.

Jesse R (br) wrote: I hear this is Octo-Mom's favorite movie :) This movie is silly more then anything.

MoniqueElise D (br) wrote: One of the sweetest stories!

Chilton T (gb) wrote: Witty, smart Noel Coward comedy from a more civilized time.

Tyson P (nl) wrote: martin lawrence isnt funny

Gareth D (fr) wrote: Eye-rollingly clichd, cheesy, predictable and cringe-worthy. Absolute trash.

Gimly M (gb) wrote: Woeful overacting that would put even Keanu Reeves to shame, and ADR that is somehow even worse. Both are unforgivably bad but the ADR is some of the worst I've ever seen.That all said and done, what Nemesis does have going on for it is that classic "So bad it's good" thing. As in "This movie is so fuckin' terrible that if you watched it drunk it you would have a lot of fun laughing AT it".

Mauricio V (mx) wrote: Mala...lenta y sin asunto durante largos pasajes. Adems intenta utilizar la musica de forma artificial utilizando gran exitacin sonora en escenas donde no sucede nada... experimento que esta vez sali mal. Tiene unas cuantas escenas notablemente actuadas pero son tan aisladas que a los sumo parece que la pelicula se hizo solo como una forma de mostrar esas escenas...mal.

Joseph J (au) wrote: Okay, so why has no one made a political rom com based on James Carville and Mary Matalin?