Ci troviamo in galleria

Ci troviamo in galleria

Ignazio Panizza in arte Gardenio gira in provincia con uno spettacolo di varietà con poco successo. In un paese insistono per far cantare la cassiera della farmacia, Caterina Lari, che ha ...

Ignazio Panizza in arte Gardenio gira in provincia con uno spettacolo di varietà con poco successo. In un paese insistono per far cantare la cassiera della farmacia, Caterina Lari, che ha ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan D (mx) wrote: The Hollars doesn't scream out "original," but it's saved by a seriously talented cast that brings a genuine sincerity to the characters and real emotion to their circumstances. It's a film of stark emotional contrasts, a tearjerker but at the same time uplifting and easy to appreciate for its streamlined technical construction. Audiences will feel like a part of the family when it's all said and done; a movie like this can't hope to accomplish anything more.

Seth U (br) wrote: Larry clark at his finest. A story of life in marfa, Texas between a few young adults. The cast Larry Clark uses blends together to form a perfect ensemble. A true Larry Clark film, because he shows the true lives of these young people, and certainThings we all go through, with out holdin back.

Cori A (nl) wrote: It is done. Or so we thought. (March 30, 2012)

Mia Z (kr) wrote: i wish there were more movies about the art world from Hollywood, as it feels the desperate need. I thought the movie was charming yet alienating at the same time, failing at times to intrigue the viewer to search deeper in the endless world that is art today. As opposed to that, it just fortifies stereotypes such as: contemporary art is silly and ridiculous, even though at times it does offer a little insight. Dialogues smart and funny, and of course top notch performances. Except...em..vinnie jones? What was up with that>

alicia F (es) wrote: Liked the books and it takes place in Bethesda!! Also Alice is my English name!

Alex C (gb) wrote: Loved the parts where Seagal was dubbed it made me crack up

Cole B (gb) wrote: No tricks. No hype. No money. Just skillful storytelling and incredible performances. Heartbreaking.

QUEEN SIZED PRICELESS JEWEL (br) wrote: loved the movie especially treach...I actually own reminds me of Mr. and Mrs. Smith only more money was placed into Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Private U (br) wrote: A gorgeous little biopic, with a unique approach to representation through both black and white and colour sequences. The use of Demy's own work was brilliant as well.

Steve G (de) wrote: The flirting is so awkward that only a hollywood writer could have written it. Why would she give a hoot about him? A poor, white man's Beverly Hills Cop. There are some witty lines, but they often go too far into hack screenwriter territory. He acts as though he believes he's charming us more than he is. Past the halfway point and I don't really know what the plot is about. But it's kinda fun anyway. We should see more of what Fletch knows. The banquet scene is embarrassingly bad. Poorly edited. Could have focused on the worry about shooting the man, and other deeper issues. Would've made it much better. Amusing enough to watch, though.

Martin D (ag) wrote: It,s pretty good..harvey an kirk are good in theire rols

Tielman V (es) wrote: Good stuff from my childhood.

Lynn W (gb) wrote: very good true story!!

Jonathan M (ag) wrote: So I watched Space Jam 20 years later with my wife and my 4 year old son, we laugh and had a good time, it's really a 90's movie , you can see it from the special effects to the transitions to the way they film michael sometimes ( who isn't such a terrible actor ) it felt great to see all those NBA players of my youth again. I still hate the bill murray parts , to put you in context I didn't knew who bill murray was in 1996 and didn't knew why he had such a useless part in the movie ... now I know , it's because it's bill murray. Otherwise , it was a fun sports movie !